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Rising electronic, popstar ericdoa is celebrating the release of his album DOA, out since January 19, 2024 on all streaming platforms, with a special treat in store for fans and listeners alike. Debuting his third studio album on a Twitch livestream just last week, ericdoa is gearing up for an exciting 2024 with a headlining North American tour impending and the possibility of an European tour looming. It seems as if ericdoa has been everywhere as of recently, from being on tour with The Kid Laroi to having a viral track on season 2 of Euphoria, the enigmatic artist effortlessly toggles between hyperpop, trap, and emo-rap styles while also intermingling the three to curate his unique, refreshing sound.

ericdoa, born Eric Lopez, is a singer/rapper/songwriter/producer and alternative music pioneer based in Los Angeles, California. As soon as Eric landed in the music scene, his energetic and varied music catapulted him to the forefront of the hyperpop genre where he captivated a ravenous audience. Following the release of his first album, COA, Eric signed with Interscope Records, further cementing his path to stardom. After a string of singles, Eric


released his major label debut Thing with Wings in 2022. Following his own sold-out tour, Eric support multi-platinum recording artist The Kid Laroi on his North American tour. Eric ended the year with hos own sold-out European and Australian legs as well. In early 2023, Eric wrote and produced an original song, greater than one," for Riot Games' blockbuster video game VALORANT, amassing over 30 million streams worldwide. Eric also took part in VCT Champs, performing his song for over 500,000 people worldwide and 18,000 in person at a sold-out Kia Forum. In early 2024, Eric will embark on his second headline "DEAD ON ARRIVAL" tour following the release of his most recent album DOA.

DOA is an introspective, experimental release from ericdoa that continues to build upon his versatile and genre-blending musical style. As always, ericdoa seamlessly interweaves various genres, DOA exhibits pop, indie, hip-hop, alternative and electronic influences as usual though touches more on emo-rap and hip-hop influences with syncopated vocal arrangements and quick-paced vocal delivery. Though this release has a much larger focus on trap and rap elements, melodic moments still shine through in catchy hooks and resonating lyrics which tell a story throughout the verses. The lyrical content unravels themes of love, relationships, self-reflection, and personal experiences, ericdoa simply has an effortless way of connecting with listeners through his introspective and emotive lyrics that have crafted him a very loyal, die-hard fanbase in such short time. DOA is a clear advancement in ericdoa's musical career and skillset, displaying a more refined production, professional mixing techniques, and stellar engineering that makes this all around a fantastic album to begin the year with.

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