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Return To Dust Releases New Music Video And More

On Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - Boundary-pushing grunge quartet, Return to Dust released a brand new video for their latest single, "Face Down" taken off their long-awaited debut self-titled album via Jim Kaufman Productions. Directed by Matt Akana, the "Face Down" video delves deep into the realms of emotion and introspection, its grunge-infused aesthetic bringing a siren-like ambiance to the table. Fans can listen to the new album HERE, and watch the brand new video further below.

In addition to the grappling track with a menacing grove matching the mysterious women in the new music video and concluding the album as a whole the band wanted to shed some light,

"We wanted to convey a sense of the surreal with the Face Down music video that our other videos hadn’t captured yet. So we created a red world and a dark void. Places where you’re not quite alive and not quite dead that shows the duality of beauty and chaos. Comfort and unease. Themes and feelings that permeate throughout the rest of this album."  

And speaking of the duality in the beauty of chaos the band continues to build excitement and traction as they gear up to join heavyweights Sevendust on their "Seasons" Anniversary Tour this fall.

Sevendust seasons 21st anniversary tour

All ticket information can be found HERE.

With their first national tour on the horizon, the band adds,

"We grew up listening to songs like Terminator on our brothers’ CD collections so this tour feels like a full circle back to that time. We think it’s really cool that Sevendust is taking us out and supporting younger bands and couldn’t be more grateful / excited. It’ll be an incredible experience for both ours and Sevendust’s fans."

Return to Dust, who are heavily inspired by the legendary Alice In Chains, continue to gain traction and acclaim earning a phenomenal 2 million TikTok views over the course of a weekend, see HERE, Return to Dust have soared to new heights. The TIkTok featuring the band's single, "Belly Up" swiftly impacted the band's trajectory - landing them over 3.5 million streams across DSPs, 73K Spotify Monthly Listeners, and 5.4 million total TikTok views.

With the release of their debut record under their belt, Return to Dust has truly cemented their position as a rising force in the industry. Solidifying themselves as mavericks in the current rock resurgence. Collaborating alongside renowned producer Jim Kaufman (Everclear, Danny Worsnop, Night Riots, Helmet) and earning accolades from rock impresario, Allison Hagendorf, the band's momentum remains unwavering.

With their dynamic presence on TikTok, a rapidly growing streaming audience, and a loyal fan base, the band is gearing up for an exciting and promising future.

Watch the music video for “Face Down” Directed By Matt Akana HERE


Photo Credit - Ana Massard

Return to Dust

Matthew Bielawski - Vocals & Guitar

Graham Stanush - Vocals & Bass

Sebastian Gonzalez - Guitar

London Hudson - Drums

See Album Track List Below

return to dust

Return to Dust

Track List

Return to Dust's self titled debut album is available for purchase HERE.

The bundle, pictured to the right, features a 12" Vinyl for the audiophiles, a special LP inspired T-Shirt, an 11x17 poster of the album artwork, and an exclusive Snake Pendant Necklace for fans who seek a piece of the band's story to wear close to their hearts.

Find Return to Dust Online

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