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Reece Young signs to UNFD and shares music video for new single “Dark”

Updated: Apr 24

New Jersey native Reece Young has officially signed to UNFD. Reece, who is now located in Nashville, Tennessee has channeled his passion for the music scene and his favorite artists into making his own career. In his music, Young gets raw with listeners, depicting resonating circumstances. He sings about facing adversity and overcoming personal struggles.

After signing to UNFD, Reece has released his latest single “Dark” to which he spoke brieflt on the release, “"My goal with my music has always been to help listeners with whatever they are going through. When I was at my absolute lowest, relating to the lyrics in music was all I had in my corner supporting me. It truly saved my life, and I want to try and aid as many lives as I can with my own words. 'DARK' is about the fear of death. The chorus begs the question: What if we died out tomorrow? How would we be remembered? Will I have lived a fulfilling life? It's all too much to think about at once, at least for me. The goal with this track (and project to follow) was to make my mark on the scene I've admired from a far since before I even thought about making music myself.” - Reece Young shares.

The music video for his latest single "Dark" is out now. You can watch his latest video here.



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