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Rectoplasm wreak havoc in the Carolinas with new EP "Liquifying Brutality"


Rectoplasm, a four piece slamming death metal band right from the heart of South Carolina. Raccoon (Vocals) Tim (Drums) Grey (Bass) Wyatt (Guitar). They released their second EP "Liquifying Brutality" at midnight on 2/24/24. This EP has been in the works for months and is finally here. After releasing their new EP, they have gained hundreds of monthly listeners on Spotify and it keeps going up; And I can see why. Their songs on the new EP are extremely brutal and make you want to pimp slap someone's mother with no apologies. The EP features some great artists such as Torment Trap and Angel Ochoa from Cephalotripsy and Abominable Putridity. My personal favorite on this EP is definitely Blunt Force Cranial Cleansing as it features some brutal riffs, blast beats, and Columbia's home grown vocalist from "Severed by Dawn". With Rectoplasms vocalists Mongolian throat singing style vocals, paired with Severed By Dawns vocalists pig squeals, it gives this song such a balance of nastiness and brutality that makes your face squinch up when you hear it.



I sat down with the band before their EP release show and did an interview.

Whats the backstory to Rectoplasm?

Raccoonn: "Me and Wyatt wanted to make music together for about three years but i was too punk and he was to prog. I found Peeling Flesh one day and showed him and we both loved it."

So basically slam brought you guys together as a band? 

Raccoon: "Yes."

How did Grey come into the band?

Grey: "Me and raccoon met at a blood incantation show at New Brookland Tavern about 2 years ago and recognized me from a group chat with a mutual friend back home up north. They were looking for a bassist, so I joined because there was no death metal in Savannah."

And Tim?

Tim: "I was going to the gym and i saw this post that Jojo "John White" posted on their Instagram about Rectoplasm needing a drummer. I was lucky because 15 minutes after I saw that, it got taken down. i messaged the band directly and we all got

linked up and went to the Sanguisugabogg show at New Brookland Tavern as a first family outing." How long was this EP in the works for?

Wyatt: "I'd say since the last EP because I can't really stop writing. but as in actual seriousness and laying tracks down, about three months."

What are some goals as musicians for the year? Where do you see yourselves and the band within the year?

Tim: "my goals as a musician this year would also be to force myself to write more and get my motivation."

Grey: "my goals as a musician this year is to bring slam and death metal into every scene that I step into. creating more bands"

Wyatt: "constantly staying on top of writing because I feel like if I stop, it might would be hard to start again."

Raccoon: "my goal as a musician is making my vocals sound a lot more like nauseating guttural slug; really gurgle-y stuff. And a lot more heard because they're so low sounding."

Grey: "I could see the band as a whole getting picked up by a label and having our own merch site"

Tim: "I could see us going on a tour within a year"

If you could pick what label company to be apart of, which one would it be?

Grey: "Maggot Stomp would be crazy."

What's the most challenging thing you guys have overcome as a band?

Raccoon: "making this EP for sure. and also learning Excel spreadsheet for band stuff" Wyatt: "that and also juggling school. it's been weird trying to find a balance for both."

What's the dream tour for Rectoplasm?

Stabbing, Suffocation, Peeling Flesh, Nauseating

Who do you want on the next EP?

Definitely want to reach out to Snuffed on Sight for a feature. Fishface as well, Omenkiller, and our brothers in Grimjaw.

What got you guys into metal

Tim: I saw this youtuber play Rockband; shoutout to UKOGmonkey because he played Avenged Sevenfold "Nightmare" and I thought that was badass"

Grey: "Metallica for sure and then went into 2010s hardstyle like Trapt"

Raccoon: My dad originally got me into punk but then i went more into the rabbit hole from punk, to crust punk, then to grindcore, death and then slam."

Wyatt: I started on the opposite side and found Linkin Park. my uncle gave me a Linkin Park CD one year and i loved every song on that CD"


At 10:30pm 2/23/24, they started their set of their EP release show at the "Commie House".

I immediately start to take pictures as quickly as I can before the breakdown in "Blunt Forced Cranial Cleansing", because once that came on, I knew it would be a blood bath; because I dove onto people, crowd surfed and then got in the pit and started swinging at everyone and everything I could find. I will forever be a hard mosher for the bands that I love; Especially when they have a brutal sound like these guys have. Their set continued on, more and more people were losing their minds and piling on top of each other in the pit. I remember at one point seeing one of my friends get hit in the face and them starting to bleed. After the set was over, their knee was hurt from moshing so hard. There was also a point where there were people jumping on backs and crowd killing folks. It was utter chaos in this room.

if I was given one word to describe this EP, it'd be cooked; Because that's what they did when they wrote this. I am expecting some big things from these guys within the next couple of years. They have already gained a lot of traction in the scene here in South Carolina. Will they get signed to Maggot Stomp eventually? Will they get a tour with a big-name band? Are these guys the next Peeling Flesh? Let's stay tuned to find out. Go give these boys a follow and listen on Spotify as they deserve it.

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