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Updated: May 2

Reconciler is delivering true punk hits on their thoughtful, high-energy new album Art For Our Sake. The album features artwork hand-painted by the vocalist and visual artist Joseph Lazzari, representing the band's hands-on approach to their music.

"This isn't 'Art For Art's Sake.' It doesn't stand alone, devoid of intention, symbolism, opinion, or the essence of the human spirit. This record is bound to us. We made it as an extension of ourselves with the intention of connecting more deeply with our community. This is Art for Our Sake," - band's vocalist Joseph Lazzari

Art for Our Sake comes in with a punch immediately, leaving a lasting mark on listeners. Punk-rock-orientated guitar riffs greet you in the opening track "Runaway" and stick with you track after track. The drums maintain fast-paced, high-energy rolls and fills, igniting the music with another sense of vitality and force that I am sure a live audience will mosh all night to. The mix allows the bass to be coherent and even flourish at times, providing an anthem to two-step along with. In the same fashion, the vocals remain raw and unclean, following the arrangement of the instrumentals and adding another sense of power to the tracks. Ultimately, this 13 track LP stands as a testament to the band's tenacity and work ethnic and is certain to offer Reconciler's strongest output to date.


1. Preface

2. Runaway

5. Meaningless Resistance

6. Effigy

7. Hell, Mary

8. regular (Out of This Grave)

9. Illusions

10. Echos

12. Hodge

13. Love Song For the End Times

14. What’s in a Goodbye Anyway?

Branching out from Atlanta, Georgia, Reconciler first amplified in the summer of 2016. Harkening to a sound alternately Southeast and East Bay, they released their debut LP, Set Us Free, in February of 2019 to critical acclaim from punk and Americana outlets alike. The band spent 2019 playing often across the Southeast and East coast and announced their first European shows, slated for June 2020. Shortly after the first anniversary of Set Us Free, the world would shut down and all plans were canceled indefinitely. Reconciler wouldn't see another stage for 18 months despite releasing a split 7 inch with the legendary Gainesville outfit, Ship Thieves in January of 2021 and offering new track on the Grace vinyl comp alongside many norteworthy acts including Hot Water Music, Samiam and Catbite the following October. Reconciler has been hard at work rebuilding and refining its focus and is beyond ready to return with their sophomore album, Art For Our Sake, via Smartpunk Records.


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