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Punk is NOT Dead! Circle Jerks Descendants and The Adolescents Go on Tour

circle jerks and descendents tour

This April The Circle Jerks go on a U.S. tour with Decendents and The Adolescents. This Tour is a reunion for the band members of the Circle Jerks who will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Group Sex, one of their most popular albums. After the band’s second break up in 2011 people did not forget about the iconic band so when this tour was announced along with their reunion fans had their punk hearts filled with joy. 

This US tour is just the beginning for the Descendants. They will not only be participating in The Punk Rock Festival in Las Vegas this May, but they will also be traveling across 7 different countries in Europe until August performing shows with a variety of openers. The Adolescents will be traveling along with the Circle Jerks and Descendants as a special guest. This is not the first time that the Circle Jerks and The Adolescents have toured together as some may remember their North America tour in 2022, and if you don't remember, now it is time to witness this incredible lineup. Following in the footsteps of the Circle Jerks who played at this festival in 2023, The Descendants will be playing at the Punk In The Park festival alongside the Adolescents this May in San Francisco. They will stay busy until June, participating in the No Values Festival in California. This is a big year for Punks the culture's iconic bands are coming together for tours playing their old music as new bands also emerge into the scene. Punk music is regaining its meaning with its politically radical lyrics bringing attention to ongoing issues these bands have been bringing attention to for decades, reaching the ears of those who experience that frustration, music is bringing us together at such a dire time. Bring your friends, stay safe, and remember, punk is not dead!

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