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PLAGUEMACE release debut album Reptilian Warlords following the release of new single “Carnivore”.

Updated: 7 days ago

Photo by Malene Vinge

New Danish death metal band PLAGUEMACE is the latest new band to rock the death metal scene in 2023. The band has been gearing up for the release of their debut album with releasing singles like “Impenetrable Leather”, “Rhythmic Demise” and their latest single “Carnivore”. "Carnivore” brings together low growls, screams and melodies that any new or old school death metal fan will fall in love with instantaneously. You can check out the singles music video here:

Following the release their latest single, on November 17th PLAGUEMACE has released their debut album “Reptilian Warlords”. “Reptilian Warlords” is 38 minutes of anger, desire, and so much more. The album opens up with the energetic and groovy song “Cannibalicious” and closes with their latest single “Carnivore”. The debut album will also be the first album in a series of concept albums in a fictional universe that PLAGUEMACE plans to rock the world with.

"Reptilian Warlords is the first in a series of concept albums taking place in our own fictional universe. The story has been torn apart chronologically, and will be put together throughout this, and the following releases. So stay tuned to find out what happens next.

The themes of Reptilian Warlords include ANGER, VENGEANCE, DESIRE, WAR and ENRAGING BLOODTHIRST." - PLAGUEMACE

Fans of old school death metal bands such as Grave, High On Fire, Entombed and Obituary will for sure fall in love with death metals latest band PLAGUEMACE. The band has taken over the scene in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and are ready to take on more. PLAGUEMACE is made up of 5 members. Andreas Truelsen on vocals, Simon Truelsen on guitar, Anton Holm Smidstrup on guitar and vocals, Ruben Brandt on bass and Matias Zacho on drums.

Reptilian Warlords” is now available in the following formats: CD digisleeve, 1LP Gatefold REPTILIAN GREEN and on digital platforms.

Reptilian Warlords tracklisting:

1. Cannibalicious

2. Impenetrable Leather

3. Cavedweller’s Solliloquy

4. Rhythmic Demise

5. Warcries from the Crypts

6. Among the Filth

7. Reptilian Warlords

8. Misantropical Breed

9. Ambrosia

10. Carnivore


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