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Pixies perform for fans of all ages

The iconic 80s Rock band plays a short but sweet set in Irving. 


Photo by Mia Nguyen

Black Francis and Joey Santiago started Pixies together after initially meeting in college.

The ebbs and flows of new music trends do not deter classic rock fans and it is so apparent that good music taste is inherited as the Pixies, Modest Mouse and Cat Power performed for a diverse demographic. From toddlers donning chunky sound protective headphones to more experienced fans wearing concert tees from the 80s faded with time and frequent wear, The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory was packed with all generations of Rock fans. 

Pixies have had a chokehold on rock lovers since 1986 and they continue to share their addictive melodies and haunting vocals on their 2024 North American Tour along with the other two bands. They hit one of their last sold-out stops at the Toyota Music Pavilion in Irving and performed a quick but nostalgia-inducing set. 

Before Pixies, Modest Mouse performed an explosive set filled with a variety of instruments such as a banjo and melodica. One of the band’s most popular songs, “Float On” caused the crowd to clamor for the lone beach ball floating across the packed venue. A man with a lengthy beard caught the ball a handful of times to the delight of his teen kids and the audience who were endearingly as excited every time the ball floated to the family. Fans get even younger than the teens as a toddler wearing protective ear gear shrieked joyfully the whole set, sitting atop her father’s head as she wiggled her arms to the eclectic tunes. The vibes and energy the band curated were something out of a slice-of-life film. 

Modest Mouse

Photo by Mia Nguyen

Simon O'Connor is the current lead guitarist of Modest Mouse and began his journey with the American Rock Band in 2021.

The Pixies set began with an explosive performance of “Cecilia Ann,” the opening instrumentals to their 1990s Bossanova album. The intense playing from guitarist Joey Santiago made the warm Irving weather fade away with the bone-chilling reverb of his instrument and the energetic, beachy energy of the song. It is hard not to notice the extensive array of fans, older fans headbanging to the music while their teenaged children scream at the top of their lungs while recording for Snapchat. 

While any established band is bound to reach a large demographic, The Pixies created an atmosphere that was wholly unified. No one seemed focused on the pressure to appear to be having a great time as the band’s number one fans or mysterious like a manic pixie dream girl waiting to be noticed by the musicians. The crowd was utterly transfixed by the music, possibly due to the lack of fluff by the band. Each member donned simple outfits from frontman Black Francis’ simple black t-shirt and jeans to new bassist Emma Richardson’s black vest and worn boots. Of course, the lack of stage physicality and need for flashy adornments may come with age, most members were in their early 60s, but their raw musical prowess drove their fans to madness regardless. 

Throughout the entire show, the member’s easy familiarity with their songs along with their deeply emotive facial expressions made fans feel like a “Monkey Gone To Heaven” and proved the band’s spot as one of the greatest American alt-rock fans.

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