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Of Mice & Men to Release Highly Anticipated "Tether" October 6th

Updated: Mar 18

The upcoming release of Tether, the latest album by Of Mice & Men, has fans of the hard rock band eagerly anticipating its arrival. The album features the musical talents of Aaron Pauley on bass and vocals, Valentino Arteaga on drums, Alan Ashby on guitar, and Phil Manansala on guitar. Tether is set to be released on October 6 through SharpTone, and fans can secure their copy by pre-ordering it now.

The group just dropped the latest single, "Indigo," from the upcoming album.

"'Indigo' is about questioning why the sky would choose to be blue if it had the choice to be anything else — blue also meaning sad," remarks Pauley. "It's about comforting a loved one in a time of loss by telling them you feel blue, too."

Tether is a true labor of love by the band. The four-piece Southern California outfit took complete creative control, producing and engineering all the songs. Bassist/vocalist Aaron Pauley mixed and mastered the album, while drummer Valentino Arteaga designed and painted the stunning artwork. Guitarists Phil Manansala and Alan Ashby also gave it their all, pouring their hearts and souls into every note, resulting in another sonic masterpiece that fans worldwide will love.

“With this one, we weren’t really focused on how it sounded as much as we focused on how it felt," Pauley shares. "And that's a weird thing to do when all you're working with is sound. But that was really the goal. And we walked away from making it, feeling like we've accomplished that."

The upcoming album delves into the complexities of mental health struggles such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, and existential dread. The band's powerful message emphasizes the healing power of creativity, conveying the importance of finding hope and light in the darkest times. The album showcases a striking blend of modern active rock and experimental post-rock, delivering a captivating, commanding, uplifting soundscape. Of Mice & Men first emerged as part of a new wave of aggressive rock artists and have continued to push the boundaries of musicality and creative ambition, making them a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Of Mice & Men's upcoming album, Tether, explores the concept of solidarity and the importance of being there for one another, whether as friends, family members, artists, or bandmates. The album's reflective tone encourages listeners to contemplate the meaning of support and the challenges of navigating life's hardships. With its thought-provoking lyrics and dynamic sound, Tether promises to be an ambitious and powerful addition to the band's already impressive discography.

The unbreakable connection between Aaron, Alan, Tino, and Phil, the core members of Of Mice & Men since 2016, is evident in their music. Their ability to create anthemic and introspective tracks allows them to connect with fans in intimate club settings and massive festival stages. This bond between the band and their audience adds another layer to their already powerful performances. "It's about creating moments for people," shares Pauley. "Music is the soundtrack to people's lives."

Catch Of Mice & Men on the road this fall with Bullet For My Valentine and Vended.


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