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Of Mice & Men Reveal "Castaway" Music Video & New Album 'Tether' Out October 6th

Updated: Mar 6

Gold-selling hard rockers Of Mice & Men which consists of Aaron Pauley (bass + vocals ), Valentino Arteaga (drums), Alan Ashby (guitar), and Phil Manansala (guitar) have previously announced their new album Tether which is released on October 6 via SharpTone Records. You can pre- order the album here

On August 23rd, 2023, the band has shared a new music video for their latest release "Castaway"

Click to Stream "Castaway"

As stated by the band, "'Castaway' is about longing for connection with the people in our lives who tend to distance themselves when dealing with hardships, and how our inability to help them often feels like we're frozen in time,"

- Of Mice and Men

In their eighth album, Tether, the Southern California quartet produced and engineered all of the songs themselves. During the process of mixing and mastering, Pauley provided the music and Arteaga provided the artwork.Each note created on this album is a reflection of the hearts and souls of Phil Manansala, Alan Ashby, Aaron, and Tino, who have been devoted listeners for decades.

“With this one, we weren’t really focused on how it sounded as much as we focused on how it felt,.. And that's a weird thing to do when all you're working with is sound. But that was really the goal. And we walked away from making it, feeling like we've accomplished that."

- Aaron Pauley

As Of Mice and Men navigate depression, anxiety, loneliness, and existential dread, they emphasize the importance of creativity as a balm for mental health. This album combines modern active rock's uplifting eloquence with experimental post-rock's atmospheric dissonance for a truly commanding soundscape. In the beginning, the band was part of a vanguard of future aggressive rock producers. With musicality, creative ambition, and tenacity, they have distinguished themselves over the years.

Tether is the next step in Of Mice and Men's evolution, combining their core sound with experimental and ethereal sound designs. The creative process focused on the excitement of discovery rather than preconceived "goals." Pursuing the moments when the elusive "x factor" reveals itself in the songs. Those moments are palpable in songs like "Integration," "Warpaint," "Enraptured," and "Indigo."

Despite obstacles, the Of Mice & Men core - Aaron, Alan, Tino, and Phil - maintains a strong connection with their audience and each other.It doesn't matter if their songs are anthems or atmospheric confessions, they translate to intimate clubs or massive festivals. According to Pauley, it's about creating moments for people. "Music is the soundtrack to people's lives.




"Eternal Pessimist"

"Into The Sun"






In this upcoming fall, Of Mice and Men will be hitting the road with Bullet for My Valentine and Vended

Below Are the Tour Dates:

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