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New Years Eve With Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sour took the stage at 9:00p.m. on December 31, 2023 to give Paris, Illinois locals a show they would not forget. The Whiskey Sour band played at the VFW in Paris on New Years Eve to provide live entertainment, and help to energetically bring in the New Year with their community. Cam Elmore, the bands rhythm guitarist took on the role as lead vocalist for the evening. The band announced to the crowed early in their performance that they were one member short, poking fun at their lead vocalist Halea Ellis who could not accompany them for the evening.

As the evening progressed the band encouraged their fans to take to the dance floor to enjoy their renditions of songs such as Up Town Funk by Bruno Mars. After playing the upbeat tune Cam jokingly asked the crowed "What type of band are we"? knowing that country is their forte. The band progressively slowed things down initiating the crowed to slow dance with their significant others.

Awaiting the countdown into the new year the band assisted VFW staff in hosting drawing the names of the raffle winners for the evening. In good spirits John Mcknown bass guitarist, Alex Elmore lead guitarist, and percussionist Eric Hendrickson all engaged with the crowed as names were drawn by Cam. Once winners were announced the band had time to play one more song leading up to the countdown.

"50 seconds" Cam announced. Everyone in the crowd scrambled to find their loved ones, preparing to bring in the New Year. As the band was joined on the stage by their wives, they began the traditional count down! As the clock struck twelve Whiskey Sour wished everyone a Happy New Year, and announced "The show is not over yet, we have more songs for you"!

Overall bringing in the New Year with Whiskey Sour is one for the books! The humor, the talent, the interactions with the crowed, and hospitality that was shown was unbeatable and unlike any other show that I have ever experienced.


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