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New Music From Hillhaven

Hillhaven just released a video for their latest song, ”GAPS.” This is the bands third release, following “Damned To Dream” and “The God You Think You Are.”

“GAPS” is a slight change of pace for the band, but still captures who Hillhaven is.

Here’s what vocalist Chris Kelly had to say "It's got a little more of a 'feel-good' vibe than the last two songs we've put out and I think listeners are gonna dig that. The usual 'doom and gloom' lyricism in rock and metal can be a little numbing at times, so it's nice to throw some positivity into the mix."

I couldn’t agree more with Kelly’s words. The song has a punk feel to it, which I love. This is definitely a song I would recommend to new listeners. I hope we get more songs like this one! I believe any album needs a good blend of upbeat and heavy.

Click the link below to check out the video! And make sure to follow Hillhaven on social!



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