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New Model Army Share Visualization for Orchestral Rendition of "Winter"

Updated: Mar 7

New Model Army have recently announced the release of their imaginative album, Sinfonia, which will be available on all streaming platforms September 15th. Sinfonia is marketed to be one of the most defining albums from New Model Army's long and respected career. The arrangements, meticulously put together by Shir-Ran Yinon and conducted by Cornelius During, are an unprecedented benchmark of the tried-and-trusted "rock-band-meets-orchestra" scenario. The stylistic approach of Sinfonia is a drastic redirection from the typical sound of New Model Army, however, the orchestral renditions of the band's classics expresses the refined musicianship of the members, who are still able to maintain authenticity while playing alongside what is essentially a 40-piece ensemble. In anticipation of the new album, New Model Army have dropped the first single from Sinfonia, "Winter," with a coinciding music video.

"Winter" was initially released to the public summer of 2016 by earMUSIC to mixed reviews. At surface level, the lyrics seems to center around a desire for the literal season of winter, though the song can be interpreted as a deeper reflection on the human condition and longing for release from suffer and strife. The opening lines begin with unraveling a dream where the narrator is running through a wilderness of plenty, pursued by an unseen force symbolized by the hunt. The approach on the song vocally conveys the desperation of the narrator as they hope for an end to this chase, "bring me the snowfall, bring me the cold wind, bring me the winter," is repeated throughout the song, acting as a plea for release. In this way, the theme of winter is painted as a metaphorical escape, a refuge from the heat and pressure of their current reality. As the song progresses, the theme of struggle becomes a broader examination of society. The rising mercury symbolizes the increasing temperature, indicating a world of chaos. The melting asphalt portrays a sense of decay and pollution, a toxic environment in which the narrator feels trapped. The soldiers that can be heard approaching signify impending danger and the fear of further escalation. Even so, amidst the chaos and violence, the lyrics offer a glimmer of hope. The song speaks of burying the sins of the past in the frozen ground and letting the vengeance fires die, suggesting a desire for redemption and reconciliation. The back wings flying high above the skeleton trees evoke a feeling of freedom and escape from oppression. The image of disappearing into the white represents a desire to dissolve into the purity and blank state that winter represents. "Winter" concludes with a plea for rest, highlighting the consequences of human actions and their frequent negative impact on the world. The repeated refrain of wanting winter reflects a deep yearning for an end to suffering and chaos. "Winter" by New Model Army crafts an evocative narrative delving into issues of oppression, chaos, and the desire for escape and redemption.

New Model Army made their first appearance to the music industry in 1980, originating in Bradford, West Yorkshire with the initial lineup Justin Sullivan, Stuart Morrow, and Phil Tompkins. After four decades of New Model Army, Justin Sullivan is the only continuous member remaining, even so, Sullivan's lyrical approaches have always been considered the key component of the band's appeal. Sullivan effortlessly weaves in themes of political, spiritual, and personal struggle into simplistic symbols such as the season of winter. New Model Army's productions are not only instrumentally complex, but lyrically advanced as well, harboring vivid and relatable circumstances for listeners to imagine. Critics in the past have labeled New Model Army as rock or punk-rock stylistically, however, Sullivan has responded to these comments by claiming the band doesn't fit into a specific category and instead appreciates infusing various genres together. Ultimately, New Model Army has gained massive success as a result of their immense adoration for their supporters who they refer to as "The Family."

Sinfonia by New Model Army and the Sinfonia Leipzig Orchestra is set to release on September 15th with a stacked track list of over twenty songs. The artists have already released a DVD, showcasing a live performance in Berlin, Germany featuring both New Model Army and the Sinfonia Leipzig Orchestra performing together. We are psyched to hear the symphonic take on beloved New Model Army classics and we hope the artists come together for live renditions on stages across the world.


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