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New Band "The Requiem" Joins Fearless Records and Shares Two New Singles

Updated: Mar 7

It is with great pleasure that FEARLESS RECORDS welcomes Florida rock band THE REQUIEM.

The Requiem share not one, but TWO singles today as part of their new partnership with the label. This week's featured track is "Diary of a Mashochist," a full-on rager. The Requiem begin their song with a bloodcurdling scream before shifting into melodic high gear, peppering the song with unexpected and dramatic flourishes and nuances. From start to finish, it is an epic adventure full of thrills and chills.

"Mostly inspired by the legend Elizabeth Bathory, 'Diary Of A Masochist' speaks of someone who despises the skin they live in and does anything possible to change the way they see themselves, no matter how self-destructive or wrong it may be."

- The Requiem

Next single off their recent release is "I'll Be Late For My Funeral". A blend of '00s Warped Tour main stage, Neo-goth, and classic emo, "I'll Be Late For My Funeral" has its own twist and doesn't sound too nostalgic. Stormy guitars and layered harmonies give the song an extra dose of horsepower.

"'I'll Be Late For My Funeral' is a song that tries to convey the feeling of someone who has been fighting against themselves their entire life..."The title reflects the sentiment that some of us wouldn't even show up for ourselves at our own funerals from the bad habit of always running away."

- The Requiem

Stay tuned for future releases from The Requiem; there is so much to this wonderful, edgy, romantic journey.

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