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New Album From Like Moths To Flames? YES!

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On March 7, 2024, Like Moths To Flames released their newest single "Kintsugi" from their upcoming album "The Cycles of Trying To Cope" that will be released on May 10! The band also released the music video which you can watch right here; Kintsugi Video and here is the link to pre-order the new album as well! The Cycles of Trying To Cope Pre-order

Each single that the band released is related to a coping "cycle" and associated word. Kintsugi is Cycle Two: Fracture; also Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with a mixture including powdered gold, essentially repairing the cracks with gold. I'm very excited for this album because I've been listening to Like Moths to Flames since 2011 when "When We Don't Exist" dropped with "You Won't Be Missed" being my favorite song that made me fall in love the band!

The vocalist, Chris Roetter, stated about the newest release; "When things go wrong, I think we are left to pick up the pieces and forced to choose which piece to leave with. If it's not possible to leave with everything the way it was before it broke, how do you know what piece to hold onto? The record encapsulates the many varying emotions we go through when trying to grow through life. The last few years, I really tried to harness some of those emotions as a catalyst to get through whatever I was going through at the time. I think we all have our own unique ways to cope and these are mine."

Like Moths to Flames Consists of:

Chris Roetter | Vocals

Zach Pishney | Guitar

Roman Garcia | Drums

Cody Cavanaugh | Guitar

Keep Up With Like Moths to Flames Online: Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Youtube

Keep Up With UNFD Online: Facebook / Instagram / Spotify / Youtube / Website

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