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Nessa Barrett Makes a Stop in Pittsburgh

On October 27th, 2023, Nessa Barrett arrived at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as apart of her her current tour series, Church Club For The Lonely Tour.

Nessa Barrett's show began with an the unexpected opener, Chandler Leighton, as a result of her original opener being sick. Even though she wasn't who fans were expecting, Chandler Leighton did an incredible job keeping everyone entertained and easily won over the crowd's hearts. With high energy and a ethereal setlist, Leighton never once failed at keeping a smile on everyone's faces. Her final song was dedicated to her father, who was in the back of the venue cheering her on. As someone who has always been her biggest supporter, Chandler Leighton got a little emotional at the end, expressing gratitude to everyone who encourages her passions. It was a beautiful yet bittersweet moment, ultimately making Chandler Leighton's presence on stage even more memorable.

As soon as the lights went out, signaling Nessa Barrett's set time had finally come, the room roared with excitement. Once she actually stepped out for her first song, fans welcomed her full-heartedly and made sure she knew just how much they appreciated her. Fans were screaming every single lyric back to her, so loud it nearly drowned out Nessa, showing plenty of emotion, and even carrying signs with messages such as "You saved me Ness". Maintaining a beautiful stage presence and an incredible connection with her audience, Nessa Barrett's set was something truly special. She played several fan favorites including "tired of california", "lovebomb", "die first", and countless more. Nessa constantly made sure the fans knew she adored them just as much as they do her, creating a spectacular connection with the "ness nation" of Pennsylvania for the entire night.



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