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Movements + Company Caused A Huge RUCKUS! At Long Island’s The Paramount

Movements brought their RUCKUS! Tour, in support of their new album RUCKUS! to The Paramount in Huntington, New York on April 12 alongside Pæris, Webbed Wing, and Tigers Jaw as support. However, the Long Island crowd did not get the show they were expecting to get as vocalist Patrick Miranda came down with an illness that prevented him from performing. So instead, the band relied on the crowed and several special guests for support. Those guests came in the likes of One Step Closer, GARZI, and David Osterhout aka Bike Routes. The circumstances of the night resulted in tilting the show Movements + Company.


The first band of the night was the French-based alternative rock band Pærish. Pærish was formed in 2015 in Paris, France and is signed to SideOneDummy Records. Its lineup consists of Mathias Court (vocals/guitar), Frédéric Wah (guitar), Martin Dupraz (bass), and Loic Fouquet (drums) and is classified as alternative rock, indie and shoegazing. As of now the band has released three studio albums with Semi Finalists in 2016, Fixed It All in 2021 and their most recent one You’re In Both Dreams (And You’re Scared) in 2023. On March 15, the band released their latest single “Know”.


Pærish came out, introduced themselves, and dove right into their set with “Daydreaming” which is off their latest album, You’re In Both Dreams (And You’re Scared). The song has a very chill tone to it, everyone was vibing and feeling the song, especially with Court’s soothing voice. Fouquet’s drums brought a twist to the song with its tribal sound that complemented Wah’s wailing guitar solo.

Other songs on the set included “Houses of American Style”, ‘Undone”, “Amanita”, “Still There” and their latest single “Know”. In general, the performance of the band was both energetic and chill at the same time, as one would expect from a band in the Shoegaze genre, with the band combining alternative rock riffs with elements of heavy distortion effects and feedback sounds. Court’s rhythms backed up Wah’s heavily distorted but insanely talented guitar solos especially on “Houses of American Style and “Undone”. Dupraz’s deep bass tone carried “Amanita” in the verse while Wah and Court covered the chorus.

The latest single “Know” was a more fast-paced song which was a nice change of pace for the French openers and it got the blood pumping for the crowd. The song’s final verse gave a nice opportunity for some two-stepping to happen. Pærish thanked the fans for coming early to see them and thanked Movements for bringing them on their first ever U.S. Tour and ended their set with “Still There” which is also off You’re In Both Dreams (And You’re Scared). After their set they then spent the rest of the night at their merch table to meet any old and new fans.


Next up was the trio from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Webbed Wing. Webbed Wing is classified as grunge, alternative and emo, consisting of Taylor Madison (Superheaven; vocals/guitar), Mike Paulshock (bass), and Jake Clarke (drums). Madison formed Webbed Wing in 2018 after Superheaven went into hiatus and have created songs that bring the moody vibe while also being vibrant and nostalgic. The band has released two studio albums so far, with the first being Bike Ride Across The Moon in 2019 and What’s So F*cking Funny? In 2021. Just recently, the band had announced their third album, titled Webbed Wing Vol. III. which is due to be released in the summer. Fans have been teased with two singles off that upcoming release; “Further” and “Burn It Down”. The music video for “Further” was released through MemoryMusicLabel and currently has over 6,100 views on YouTube.

Webbed Wing

Webbed Wing began their set with the new song “Further.” The song will be featured on their upcoming release Webbed Wing Vol. III. The song is currently their most popular song on Spotify, sitting at #1 with over 53,000 streams. Displaying the band’s talent of being multi-genre, they then switched it up to go more slow and melodic on the next song, “Jesus Age.

The crowd was very familiar with Webbed Wing as they were singing along to both songs and bobbing their heads back and forth. The band hammered away on “Perfect” while Madison played an emotional guitar solo, giving it a ‘perfect’ performance. Paulshock’s intricate bass playing took over the verse for “For Real” which segued smoothly into the guitar-driven choruses. The band then got a little heavier on the stand alone singles, “I’m Feelin Alive” and "Grew a Tail" which were released in 2022 and 2018 respectively. Madison and Paulshock were perfectly in-sync vocally on the song's verse which gave everyone a feeling that's indescribable. Madison was hammering away at his guitar on "Grew a Tail" and the song ended with a slow, heavily distorted breakdown-esque bridge. I'm surprised a mosh pit didn't break out right there, it was defiantly heavy enough to start one.

Madison poked fun at fans in attendance and even told one person to shut up as he was talking which got the crowd laughing. He mentioned he’s gotten asked countless times at the show what time the band was playing which he ignores, remarking how even he doesn’t know but that it's the same time as every other night. He then introduced his band and then they played their last two songs, "Saturdays" and "Make a Dime" which are both off the album What’s So F*cking Funny? The main riff of "Saturdays" reminded me a lot of "About A Girl" by Nirvana. Madison sang with everything he had left on "Make a Dime" and played an emotive guitar solo to close the song out. Webbed Wing's performance concluded the chill, shoegaze portion of the night and now it was time to take it up a notch.


We are halfway through the night and now it's time for Tigers Jaw. Tigers Jaw hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania and has been active since 2005. The band’s lineup currently consists of Ben Walsh (vocals/guitar), Mark Lebiecki (guitar), Colin Gorman (bass), Brianna Collins (keyboards) and Theodore "Teddy" Roberts (drums). Together, Tigers Jaw is signed to Hopeless Records. The band has a sound that distinctively mixes old and new school indie with elements of emo. The band has released a total of six studio albums with the latest one, I Won’t Care How You Remember Me, being released in 2021. Their most recent release was at the tail end of 2023 in October and it came in the likes of the single “Constant Headache” which features Joyce Manor.

 Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw started their set nice and easy with “Hum” from their 2014 album charmer. Walsh and Collins were sharing vocals and didn’t overpower each other at all. The guitar-playing on the song was subtle but definitely radiant and Lebiecki played a simple but emotional guitar solo. The band took it up a notch with the vibrant and jumpy song “Reckless” from the EP Old Clothes. The band had the fans on their feet on this song, with the audience jumping up and down and singing along with their hands in the air. Collins then took a break from the keyboard for a little bit and got to the front of the stage with a mic in hand to welcome everyone to the show and went back for the next song, “Cat’s Cradle” from the latest album I Won’t Care How You Remember MeCollins took charge vocally on the song with the music being led by the song's catchy synth melody that she was playing the whole song. Tigers Jaw kept the pace going on the next two songs "Hesitation" and "Distress Signal" off I Won’t Care How You Remember Me and charmer respectively. The fans were clapping their hands along with the band and were singing along to both songs, with some fans even two-stepping.

Tigers Jaw slowed things down for the next three songs, all of which are off the album, I Won’t Care How You Remember Me. Those songs were the soft melodic, "Never Wanted To", the guitar-driven "New Detroit" and the title track, "I Wont Care How You Remember Me". Welsh and Collins soothed the crowd with their voices with Welsh and Lebiecki's soft guitar playing underneath it for that extra layer of emotion. "New Detroit" was dominated by Welsh's and Lebiecki's distorted guitar playing. The fans were just watching in amazement as both musicians played away at their guitars, showcasing emotive guitar solos and melodic riffs. For the majority of "I Wont Care How You Remember Me," Welsh sang the song with an acoustic guitar and his performance with Collins' subtle piano playing gave off the song's moody tone which the whole room radiated off of. The rest of the band came on for the song's melodic ending, boosting the room's morale.

 Tigers Jaw

As we approached the end of the set, this was the part where Tigers Jaw went old school. They played the songs “Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine” and “I Saw Water” from their 2008 self-titled album Tigers Jaw. This was the moment where the crowd started to get more active with fans starting to crowd surf and sing along to “Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine”. Walsh ended the song with an eye-grabbing jazz-style guitar solo that transitioned right into “I Saw Water.” The crowd surfing continued well into “I Saw Water” and a mosh pit even broke out towards the end which surprised me because I didn’t know they even had mosh pits but it makes sense because “I Saw Water” is a very lively song. The next song was “June” which is the second single off of their 2017 album, spin. “June” was a song written entirely by Collins and she dedicated the song to a friend of hers and said she wrote the song about how impactful friendships can be and can help you leave a toxic and dangerous environment. Collins carried the entire melodic performance of the song with Walsh’s backup vocals supporting her leads. The melodic guitar playing from both Walsh and Lebiecki created a dreamy atmosphere for the song, leaving fans in a trance.

Tigers Jaw ended their set with “Never Saw It Coming” and “Window”. Walsh played “Never Saw It Coming,” which is another old school song off the self-titled album, mostly with an acoustic guitar and sang the song with the fans, letting them chant the only lines in the chorus “Woah, oh, oh, woah, oh, oh” back to him. The song then came to a sudden halt, giving the idea it had ended, when the whole band came in, playing the rest of the song with everything they had and ending it with a bang. The performance of “Window” saw the band ending their set in a relaxing way with clean melodic guitar playing and soothing duet vocals from Walsh and Collins. The mosh pit had since subsided but there were still people dancing in the middle of it and singing along to the song.


It has been a fun and serene night, but now its time for the stars of the show to come on; the one and only Movements. Movements is a post-hardcore/alternative rock band from Rancho Santa Margarita, California that was formed in 2015. The band is signed to Fearless Records and consists of Patrick Miranda (vocals), Ira George (guitar), Austin Cressey (bass), and Spencer York (drums). The band has been considered a prominent figure in emo’s revival and has gained traction with their mix of post hardcore, alternative and even spoken word.

Movements' connection with their fans is only strong through the band's relatable lyrics of heartbreaks, breakups, toxic relationships, depression and anxiety in general. Movements has been on tour in support of their third studio album RUCKUS! which they released on August 18, 2023. Fans were ready for the band to give them an unforgettable performance, little did they know though, it would not come in the way they expected.


Before the band took the stage, a member of their team came out and addressed to the crowd that Miranda was feeling sick and despite their best efforts, he was not in any condition to perform and asked the crowd for their help in singing in his place. He also mentioned that special guests would be coming out to fill in on certain songs. He apologized to the crowd for the inconvenience and welcomed Movements onto the stage.

Taking center stage for the first two songs, “Lead Pipe” and “You’re One Of Us Now”, which are taken from the new album RUCKUS!, was their touring rhythm guitarist Crust Young. Fans were already singing along to the words from the very first minute Young started singing. The pit opened up instantly and fans started crowd surfing in massive numbers. Young asked for the fans help on “You’re One Of Us Now” which they did by keeping up with the crowd surfing and shouted out with all their hearts “JOIN IN THE RUCKUS!” 

Young thanked the crowd for coming out and gave praise to Miranda. He continued asking for the crowd’s help in singing the songs and said they were gonna like the guests that would be filling in on both the new songs and the old songs everyone came for and then introduced the next guest, Ryan Savitski, from the Pennsylvania-based hardcore band One Step Closer. Savitski came out and told fans to help him on this next one as they would definitely know it. They then got into the next song “Full Circle” which is off their first album, Feel Something. The fans continued their duty of singing along word for word and were so loud, that I couldn’t even hear Savitski at times. Savitski sang his heart out on the song’s verse and let the crowd take over the chorus, knowing full well the fans would handle it. This continued for the next two Feel Something songs, “Colorblind” and “Third Degree”. While fans were continuing to sing along to the words, others continued to crowd surf, I even saw someone in a Red Power Rangers costume crowd surfing too. 


The next guest the band brought out was the solo artist GARZI. GARZI filled in on the song “Killing Time”, a new song off RUCKUS!. GARZI introduced himself and told the crowd to help him on the next song and then segued into the song by asking the crowd if they like ‘killing time?' The whole crook was vibing and singing along with GARZI, while some fans kept up the crowd surfing. Young came back out for the 2022 stand alone single “Cherry Thrill”. I noticed Young was holding back a little bit so the crowd could have their voices be heard but continued to lend his support. Despite the song being a more moodier, pop style song, the band made up for it by adding the element of live instruments to make the song sound more lively. 


Before Young went back onto his platform next to the drums, he introduced the next guest which was another solo artist, David Osterhout, who is also known by his artist name, Bike Routes. Osterhout covered for the songs, “I Hope You Choke!”, “Suffer Through”, and “Deep Red”, the first one being off the new release RUCKUS! and the latter two off Feel Something. Osterhout had a lot of energy on stage and was constantly moving from left to right, hyping the crowd up and letting the crowd scream out “I HOPE YOU CHOKE!” on the song’s hook. He incited the crowd to get on their feet during “Suffer Through” and was also messing with George as he was playing. Fans were jumping up and down and crowd surfing during the whole song and yes, they continued to sing along as well. This continued well into “Deep Red" which fans took notice immediately thanks to the opening sound of Cressey’s bass and York’s drumming. Young came back to the front and sang on the last new song they played for the night which was the danceable, “A.M.P”. Young told the fans this was a dance track and wanted everyone to show their grooviest moves. The pit turned into a dance floor as the beat of the song carried them the whole way. George threw a nice little guitar solo on top of it to give the song a little flavor. 


The band had two more songs left and wanted to end it with a bang. Savitski came back out one last time and called for the pit to open back up again and to give him everything they had left for the energetic, old school song “Kept,” a song that goes all the way back to the very first EP, Outgrown Things, which was released in 2016. The pit opened up instantly once the song started and fans were going crazy as Savitski fed off that energy, shouting the lyrics out in style he uses in his own band. The same crew member that came out in the beginning to announce Miranda’s condition came back out and provided additional vocals to help Savitski and the crowd. Everyone from the front to the back was moshing, jumping, crowd surfing, singing, you name it, throughout the entire song and having a great time. Even the band was having a blast and was moving around constantly and getting really into the song as they were playing it.


The band had one more song left and to everyone’s surprise, Miranda came out on stage to address the crowd. He thanked the fans and remarked how this show was probably one of his favorite Movements’ shows ever despite being on the sidelines and that this was the best Movements’ crowds he has ever seen. He apologized for not being able to give the crowd the show they deserved. Fans gave Miranda a standing ovation and I heard one guy next to me shout back “WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR HEALTH IS IMPORTANT!" To make up for missing the majority of the set, he sang the last song, which was the fan-favorite, “Daylily” but he leaned on the crowd for their continued support as he was still not at full strength. Despite holding back, Miranda still sounded fantastic and was having a great time singing on stage. I could tell he was not okay with missing the show completely and wanted to give Long Island a small dose of a proper show and not leave the crowd hanging until next time.

Long Island did not get the Movements show they were expecting, but the love and support from their fans was shown in full force at The Paramount. With the help of the fans as well as Young, Savitski, GARZI, and Osterhout, the band was able to get through the show and give the fans a night they will never forget. This was not how I expected my first time seeing Movements to go but the special guests made up for it and I'm looking forward to the next time the next time they come around in full force.

Purchase/Listen to RUCKUS! here.