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Monuments Conclude Their Headlining Tour At The Meadows In Brooklyn, NY

On October 15th, the UK-based djent quartet Monuments closed out their 17 - day long US headlining tour at The Meadows in Brooklyn, NY with For The Fallen Dreams and VRSTY.

Kicking the night off was New York natives VRSTY. VRSTY consists of Joey Varela (vocals), Javy Dorrejo (bass), Chris Cody (drums), and Paul Gregory (guitar) and is known for their mix of R&B, pop, Spanish music and post-hardcore, creating a unique, but diverse sound. It was only a month ago they released their latest single “The Way It Is” which is off their upcoming album Levitate, due for release October 27th, and has already gathered over 35k streams.

VRSTY was never known for being stagnant when performing, especially Gregory who kept jumping around with his guitar and even jumped off Cody’s kit a few times. During the song, "The Plug", Varela told everyone to get their cellphone lights out and the whole room lit up instantly, creating an emotional atmosphere. At one point Varela called out Chad Ruhlig from For The Fallen Dreams for saying he was gonna call the entire crowd old and compared Monuments' vocalist Andy Cizek to a character from the animated show Big Mouth which made the whole room burst out in laughter. During the last song, “Shameless”, members of FTFD and Monuments came out towards the end and started dismantling Cody’s kit as he was playing and was left with nearly nothing by the time the song ended. He was genuinely shocked and had no idea what was going on but it was absolutely hilarious.

VRSTY has always been that band that will put on a show for you but will also make you laugh at the same time. No matter what, whether it's through music or comedy, they always make sure the fans are entertained in any way shape or form.


Next up were the metalcore veterans For The Fallen Dreams. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, For The Fallen Dreams was formed in 2003 and consists of Jim Hocking (guitar), Chad Ruhlig (vocals), Marc Esses (drums), Damon Austen Tate (guitar), and Kalan Blehm (bass). The band themselves have gone through many changes throughout their career, ranging from lineup changes to constantly evolving their sound and dynamics, but despite all that, they are still standing and have released their seventh studio album For The Fallen Dreams back in March of this year and its fourth single, “No Heaven” currently sits at #1 on Spotify with over 1.7 million streams.

Right off the bat, For The Fallen Dreams went hard, a mosh pit broke out instantly and they delivered with crushing guitars, explosive breakdowns, emotional grooves and heavy vocals with Esses mixing come clean vocals for some warm melodies. In response to Varela’s callout, Ruhlig’s told everyone over the age of 30 to boo Varela, which only less than a handful of people actually did but it was still funny. Ruhlig took time to reflect on the tour and the fact that they've been playing shows in New York for 16 years and praise how they get better and better every time they come around. In the final song "Without You", which was dedicated to Ruhlig’s grandfather, Ruhlig told the crowd to get their hands out and everyone raised their hand out and waved along with the band during the song’s chorus while also singing along to it.

Despite bing the oldest band on the bill, For The Fallen Dreams still continues to go hard as if it's still 2005 and is able to keep the crowd off their feet anytime they play. No matter what direction they go, they continue to leave a mark and prove they are one of the most diverse bands in metalcore.


Finally, Monuments takes the stage. Monuments is a progressive metal band from London, England with its members consisting of Andy Cizek (vocals), John Browne (guitars), Werner Erkelens (bass), and Mike Malyan (drums). They are known for combining aggressive sharp-cornered grooves linked with spacious melodic ambience that is punchy yet progressive and have four studio albums out. Their fourth album In Stasis, which was released in 2022, is the first to feature Cizek since joining the band in 2019. The album charted at #10 in the TOP 40 Rock and Metal Albums in the UK last year and has accumulated over 7 million all time streams. In May if this past year, they released a new single titled “Nefarious” and it sits at #1 on Spotify with over 1.2 million streams.

The energy they had was unmeasurable. Cizek kept running back and forth, jumping in the air constantly and didn’t even stop to catch his breath once. At one point, he even did a somersault WHILE he was screaming. You could tell he was completely in the zone through it all. In between songs, Joey Varela kept doing everything he could to mess with Cizek, whether it was getting him to have a sip of Varela’s drink or making him eat beef jerky.

After wrapping it up with “Lagos” which Varela hopped on to sing the last part of the song with them, the crowd was chanting “ONE MORE SONG! ONE MORE SONG” and after chanting it a few more times, the band hopped back on stage for the encore. Only this time, they brought out a special guest on stage and it was the former lead singer of Monuments, Chris Barreto. Together they played the song "I, The Creator" off their 2014 album, The Amanuensis. This was the part were the crowd got ignorant as OG fans that were in the crowd went hard in the pit and rush to the stage to sing every lyric word for for word. It's been four years since Barreto departed the band but it felt like almost no time has passed and his vocal performance sounded just as good as it does on the studio track. He even made a joke before saying "I've been out of practice for a year, I don't know how this is gonna sound".

Monuments blew me and everyone away. With Cizek switching back and forth from screaming his heart out to clean vocals and heavily distorted but intricate guitar playing from Browne with Malyan's blast beat drumming, you could just feel the energy from them from beginning to end and the way they interacted with the crowd was very intimate, almost as if everyone knew each other. It was a spectacular night and I cannot wait to see them again.



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