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Mom Jeans Give Fans a Live at Nu Tone Session Video Performance

On Monday, February 26th, 2024- Honey TV presents Mom Jeans performing in Pittsburgh California at Nu-Tone studios with Ben Hirschfield; hosted by Matt Yankovich. Mom Jeans is a punk pop quartet based in Berkley, CA, and has been around since 2018. Members consist of Eric Butler, Austin Carango, Gabriel Paganin, and Bart Starr. The band delivers a heartfelt mixture of genres such as emo, alternative as well as indie rock. During their recent live performance, fans can hear songs such as Sponsor Me Tape, Alameda County Fair, and Hippo (In The Water).

“Early in our time as a band, Mom Jeans had the pleasure of participating in a couple of the more well-known and widely consumed live sessions such as Audiotree Live and Little Elephant, which we had been avid subscribers of for years. We’ve always felt that as fans of live music, these live sessions allowed us to connect with and reach more people with our music and our personalities than ever would have been possible without the existence of these videos.

"We’ve realized that participating in these sessions played a huge role in the trajectory of our first album, and we wanted to try and show some love to some more recent songs in our discography, and try to give them the same treatment as some of our songs got 6-7 years ago. We decided to try and take what we’ve learned over the past years and make a live performance video ourselves in a comfortable and familiar setting, hopefully wearing our influences on our sleeve and offering yet another opportunity for those who might enjoy our music to feel closer to us and closer to the gig.”

-Eric Butler.

Beginning on March 1st in Oakland, CA, the quartet will be going on a spring headlining tour across the United States and will be completing the tour on April 7th in Seattle, WA. Below are the dates. If you see a date coming to you, you do NOT want to miss out on this opportunity. You can purchase tickets HERE

Mom Jeans Online: Instagram | X | Facebook | Youtube | Website

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