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Modest Mouse Saves the Day

Modest Mouse

Ah, Stage AE. The air was thick with anticipation, the kind that clings to your skin and makes you itch with excitement. From the moment I stepped onto the grounds, it was clear that this wasn’t just another night—it was a pilgrimage for the indie faithful. The venue was packed to the edges of the field, a teeming mass of bodies vibrating with the electric promise of Modest Mouse and Cat Power. The energy was palpable, a living, breathing thing that threatened to burst from the seams.


Cat Power: An Entrance, An Exit, a Disappointment

Cat Power took the stage first—or rather, her band did, as the eponymous vocalist was conspicuously absent. The crowd buzzed with confusion, which only intensified when she finally appeared, only to retreat backstage moments later. A tease? A tantrum? Hard to say. She re-emerged, warbled through a couple of minutes of a song, sipped her tea that was graciously delivered to her on stage, then halted everything to berate the photographers in the pit.

“I’m so sorry you guys, I promise I’m not a diva, but I can’t work with these photographers snapping my pictures,” she declared, before launching into a tirade about unauthorized photo profits. She demanded the photographers be removed, turning what could have been a quirk into a full-blown diva meltdown.

I watched this bizarre spectacle unfold, not with anger, but with a bemused resignation. Sure, I’d leave the pit—watching those first two minutes was like witnessing a train wreck in slow motion. As we shuffled out, her band, tight and professional, soldiered on. They were the unsung heroes of this disaster, playing with a patience that spoke of many similar nights, if Reddit is to be believed.

As for Cat herself, is she talented? Yes. Is she special? Not particularly. She’s a relic, a faint echo of musicians who did this shtick better decades ago. The crowd was dead—bored out of their skulls by the time she wrapped up, which, mercifully, was sooner rather than later.


Modest Mouse: We All Float Here

Modest Mouse

And then, the main event. The lights dimmed, smoke cascaded across the stage, and the atmosphere shifted. The excitement that had dulled during the previous set roared back to life. Modest Mouse emerged, Isaac Brock at the helm in a black suit, the rest of the band more casually clad. They opened with “Heart Cooks Brain,” and it was like flipping a switch. The crowd erupted, a wave of pure, unadulterated nostalgia washing over us all.

Modest Mouse

For nearly two hours, Modest Mouse delivered a masterclass in indie rock. They played songs from every era of their storied career, each note, and lyric resonating with the audience in a way that only true legends can achieve. The light show was a visual feast, perfectly complementing the music. People danced, a small mosh pit even formed at times—this was not just a concert, but a celebration of everything Modest Mouse has given us over the years.

Isaac Brock’s voice, that unmistakable rasp, cut through the air with a raw, emotional honesty that hit me straight in the heart. Every lyric felt like a shared truth between him and the crowd. The energy never waned; it only grew, a testament to the band’s enduring appeal and the deep connection they have with their fans.

As the night drew to a close, I found myself reflecting on the journey. From the awkward stumble of Cat Power’s set to the soaring heights of Modest Mouse’s performance, it was a night of contrasts. But in the end, it was Modest Mouse that left us all in awe, reminded of why they were the soundtrack to our youth and why they continue to hold a special place in our hearts.

Here’s to Modest Mouse, for reminding us that great music endures, and for giving us a night to remember. And to Cat Power, for...well, let’s just leave it at that.


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