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Milk St. Band Tackles Long Island at Amityville Music Hall

Updated: Mar 7

September 14th, 2023- Indie rock band from Maine, Milk St. tackle on Long Island's Amityville Music Hall to promote and give fans a premier of their latest EP titled "V3RM0NT"

The trio band Milk Street consists of members Jonah Wakefield (guitars, vocals), Gabe Chambers (bass), and lastly Harry Burns (drummer). The formation of this band took place back in 2018 but before being known as what they currently are, they used to refer to themselves by the name 'Spaced'. Ever since their current drummer Harry joined the party, soon after they decided to change things up and call themselves Milk St.

Before they stepped foot into Long Island, I had no idea who they were until they reached out to me asking to photograph their set. Honestly they have such amazing personalities and were one of the best bands to work with over my photography career. I didn't know what to expect from their performance but I was overall impressed. Wakefield performs with an acoustic guitar but set up to an amp to make it sound like an electric guitar. Performance wise they reminded me of that grungy-alternative emo sound almost similar to Nirvana. The raspy tones in the vocals are absolutely astounding and after checking out their performance live, I did some research into their Spotify and as a musician myself, I enjoy comparing how the performance sounded in comparison to the recorded version. Overall the group as a whole impressed me and I would recommend checking their music out on all streaming platforms!

After speaking to vocalist Wakefield, he speaks up on the inspiration of their new EP 'V3RM0NT' and this was what he has to say

"The most recent EP was something I personally knew I (Jonah) wanted to write about for a while. There was a period of life where I had just moved out of my parents house and in with my cousin who, when we were little, was raised like a brother. He at some point in life moved away and we lost that super super close connection for 6 years or so, but when we moved back in together, it felt like I had finally found my family that I can just say anything I want around with no repercussions again. There always limitations when it comes to parents, and I always struggled with finding my place so having Isaac back in my life felt super rejuvenating. In the first few weeks we took this road trip to Vermont where we ran out of money and got a heaping load of what life really is dumped on us, but it was so healing for us emotionally too. When I eventually took Mushrooms for the first time, which was with him, I felt that healing and emotional journey again, the same way I did on the road trip, so thats how the album ties up, is the morning after that psychedelic experience, me reflecting on everything. But musically, when Harry joined the band, we showed up Peyote at first and it just clicked like lightning in a bottle, it was amazing. I remember I couldn't stop smiling the whole time"

- Jonah Wakefield (vocals)

Click the video below to watch & listen to their latest music video from "V3RM0NT"

You can check out their merch and purchase CD's & Vinyls here

Keep Up With Milk St. Online: Instagram | Band Camp | Facebook | Website | Spotify


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