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Midwinter US Released Their New Single "Glass Mountains"

Midwinter released their new single "Glass Mountains" on November 3rd, 2023. Listen to the new single here

Midwinter has been teasing this track on their socials since October 17th, by showing us some photos of the album artwork and allowing us to hear parts of the song with the beats, and later on with lyrics.

The first time I heard of Glass Mountains was October 13th, when I went to photograph their show at The Foundry Concert Club. I fell in love with the song immediately after hearing the lyrics and beats. The song started with a soft intro followed by Kody Archer's amazing vocals for the first part of the song. Later Billy the main vocalist joined in by adding his heavy screams and vocals.

When Midwinter released this song, I caught myself listening to this release every day at least once or twice. I have realized that this song has become one of my favorites from them along with their other songs. I feel a deep connection with a lot of their music, and I couldn't be happier to be able to listen to them play "Glass Mountains" live. And being able to photograph them at the same time.

While they were performing Glass Mountains, and Origami Swans, Kody, and Max were dancing and kicking around on stage. This made fans start moshing, there was even a fan dressed up as Waldo that made the crowd hyped up.

Midwinter has given me many amazing opportunities, and I couldn´t be any more grateful for what they allowed me to do these past few months. I can´t wait to see what they come up with next during their career.

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