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MIDWINTER joins Pray For Sleep At The Vortex

On September 26th MIDWINTER played at The Vortex in Akron OH with Pray For Sleep, Adrift On River Styx, and Tell Me Nothing.

Midwinter engaged and energized the crowd throughout their entire set. The performance was a fantastic experience to capture photos of and the music was utterly entrancing.

Midwinter is a 5-piece Progressive Metalcore band hailing from Cleveland, Ohio. Drawing influences from other modern Metalcore and Progressive Metal bands, they are constantly seeking to achieve the perfect sonic balance of atmospheric, heavy, and progressive. Rooted in personal experience, each song is a story containing passages that host complex, raw emotions conveyed through a poetic ebb and flow of lyrics.

Their biggest hit is M.I.A. on Spotify with 1,029 monthly listeners. Last year, on December 3rd, 2022, Midwinter played at Cle Mosh Fest with I Set My Friends On Fire, Dying Desolation, The Worst of Us, Pray for Sleep, Denihilist, Between Home and Serenity, Low Like You, Titans in Time Dead Cassette, Morning In May, Dreamwalker, and For Absent Friends.

The lineup consists of vocalist Billy Toth, guitarist/vocalist Kody Archer, guitarist Zac D'Urso, drummer Rob Rini, and bassist Max Underwood.

Keep up with Midwinter here

Pray For Sleep was headlining the show, and they played last. During their performance the crowd was really active, they would be moshing throughout their set, and the energy that the band gave them made it more powerful.

Pray For Sleep is a metal band from Columbus OH. They have done many shows in the past that started in 2018. Now they are currently doing some shows that are in Ohio.

Members Grant DeCrane (vocals), Hayden Kissler (guitar), Ethan Carlson (guitar, vocals) and Reno Houston (drums)

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Adrift On River Styx is a heavy metal/rock band from Cleveland Ohio. They were the first band to play that night, they had the crowd engaged and energetic their whole set.

Keep up with Adrift On River Styx: Instagram | Facebook

The second band to play was Tell Me Nothing, they are a pop punk band from Columbus, OH. During their sets they made sure to be very active with the crowd, they had people clapping their hands, and dancing around.

Keep up with Tell Me Nothing: Instagram | Spotify | Facebook


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