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Mia x Ally - Strings, Pipes, Rock.

January 5th, 2024

Mia x Ally

Brighton Music Hall

Boston, MA

On January 5th, the electrifying duo of Mia x Ally graced the stage at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, on their headlining tour celebrating the success of their recent album, Mia x Ally: The Viral Hits. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the classically trained Mia Asano, master of the electric violin from Berklee, and the Great Highland Bagpipe virtuoso, Ally Crowley-Duncan (better known as Piper Ally), returned to the city where their musical journey first gained momentum.

Mia Asano and Piper Ally

The evening kicked off with a burst of energy as the duo opened with the iconic Dropkick Murphy's anthem, "Shipping Up To Boston," setting the tone for an electrifying night. The crowd, already brimming with enthusiasm, was taken on a musical journey that seamlessly blended classical and rock elements.

Mia and Ally, who gained fame through viral TikTok covers of rock and metal songs, showcased their versatility with a repertoire that included both covers and original compositions. The duo effortlessly transported the audience to Westeros with the Game of Thrones theme, demonstrating their ability to transcend genres and captivate diverse audiences.

Original compositions took center stage as Mia unveiled "Lunar," a cosmic journey of ethereal beats merging classical and rock influences. Ally, equally captivating, presented traditional Scottish tunes alongside the complex and earnest "Megaladon," showcasing her mastery of the bagpipes.

The chemistry between Mia and Ally was palpable, and their engagement with the crowd was nothing short of infectious. Frenetic hair flips from Mia, Ally's beaming smile, and the undeniable connection with their band (Drummer Dominic Rosario Maraffa III and Guitarist Dov Beck-Levine) elevated the concert experience to new heights.

A standout moment arrived with the performance of "Halo of the Fates," a mash-up featuring the themes of Halo and Star Wars Episode I. The spectacle was complete when Ally presented Mia with a lightsaber violin bow.

After a brief intermission, the duo returned with crowd-pleasing favorites such as Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover" and Black Sabbath's "Crazy Train," featuring a bagpipe solo. The audience's energy remained unabated as they were treated to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Theme and the heartfelt departure in "What Was I Made For."

The concert reached a climax when Mia and Ally honored a rare request, delivering a powerful rendition of the classic "Free Bird" before concluding the set with spirited performances of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and Dragonforce's epic "Through The Fire and the Flames.", the bane of every Guitar Hero player.

In a world where one might associate violins and bagpipes with orchestras or the highlands of Scotland, Mia x Ally defied conventions, proving that these instruments can indeed rock. The duo's unique blend of classical training and heavy metal influences, coupled with their infectious stage presence, has undoubtedly opened new horizons for these traditional instruments. Mia x Ally are not just musicians; they are a force ushering in a new era of musical exploration and appreciation.

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Alan Higgins
Alan Higgins
22 de jan.

I love these two girls, some great shots and good article.

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