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Metalheads!! Perspectives NY is back with a "Disease" you will want to catch (live).

If you haven't heard of them yet, Perspectives NY is running rampant in 2024 with a pleasantly contagious "Disease" infecting metalheads worldwide.

As their first release of the new year, "Disease" is a compelling track that exemplifies the band's signature nu-core sound. Hailing from Rochester, New York, Perspectives combines elements of deathcore, nu-metal, metalcore, and hardcore to create a powerful, high-energy sound. The band's debut album, Coalescence, was released on August 18, 2023, and continues to push the limits of heavy, fast metal while maintaining a melodic side. "Disease" reintroduces Perspectives NY to the scene with thrashing instrumentals complementing introspective refrains touching on themes of internal struggle, societal pressure, and the quest for personal liberation.

"Disease" wastes no time suffocating the soundscapes with its aggressive instrumentation and dynamic structure. The song greets you with an intense, distorted guitar riff that sets a dark and foreboding tone enhanced by understated rhythmic percussion. This is quickly engulfed by a thunderous entrance of the full drum kit and bass, creating a relentless, driving rhythm that propels the song forward and simply makes you want to open mosh pits. The verses are marked by syncopated rhythms and dissonant chords, contributing to a sense of tension and unease.

The chorus offers a slight shift, embracing melodic elements that provide a contrast to the heavy verses. The breakdowns are particularly brutal, featuring crushing riffs and guttural vocals that highlight the band's deathcore and metalcore influences. Despite the overall heaviness, the song incorporates melodic guitar lines and clean vocals that add depth and variety to the sonic landscape.

The lyrics of "Disease" truly exemplify the band's growth in such a short time. Their prowess in storytelling takes center stage, exploring themes of personal turmoil, societal expectations, and the struggle for self-determination. The words seep with resonance, speaking on universal feelings and desires such as the opening question:

"Tell me what do I do when you forget about me?

Did you make up your mind?

Why did I make this break?

These lines immediately introduce a sense of confusion and abandonment, setting the stage for the introspective journey that follows. The lyrics grapple with feelings of being forgotten and the consequences of their own desires.

A recurring theme in the song is the idea of forging one's own path despite external pressures. This is articulated in the lines:

"I can't be concerned with the course of your past I have to go my own way Follow my own path"

Here, the lyrics assert their need for independence and self-direction, rejecting the influence of other's past actions and expectations. This idea is ultimately what the band represents as an entirely independent unit breaking stereotypes in the metal industry with their nu-core experimentation.

The chorus repeatedly emphasizes a feeling of isolation and introspection: "I say I'm alone on the edge of a knife I wonder if I'll meet you through it all and live my life."

This metaphor of being on the edge of a knife conveys a sense of precariousness and danger, reflecting the protagonist's struggle to find balance and purpose. The repetition of this line underscores the persistence of these feelings and the ongoing quest for meaning. A universal sense of fighting to reach a goal but feeling alone in combatting your battles.

On a deeper level, "Disease" also addresses broader societal issues, particularly the impact of systemic pressures and addictions.

"We've all been plagued by disease. Under the veil of military All the prescriptions, addictions, foes are suffering me."

These lines suggest a critique of societal structures that perpetuate suffering and dependency. The reference to the military and prescriptions highlights the pervasive influence of institutions that control and manipulate, leading to a collective state of disease and discontent.

The protagonist's response to these pressures is one of resilience and determination: "Will I drown my mistakes in a bottle of pain? Or will I turn the fucking pages to the next one?"

This moment of defiance and self-reflection indicates a willingness to confront and overcome personal and societal challenges despite having to do it on your own.

The vocal delivery in "Disease" is a powerful blend of harsh screams and melodic singing, enhanced with the addition of Tommy Roulette from Jynx providing moments of lyrical passages. The lead vocalist of Perspectives conveys a wide range of emotions, from raw anger and frustration in the verse to a more reflective and melancholic tone throughout the bridge. This dynamic vocal performance enhances the emotional depth of the song and mirrors the lyrical themes of struggle and introspection.

"Disease" by Perspectives NY is a potent exploration of personal and societal struggles, delivered through a masterful fusion of heavy metal and melodic elements. The song's intense instrumentation, thoughtful lyrics, and dynamic vocal performance create a compelling narrative of resilience and self-determination.

With "Disease," Perspectives NY continues to push the boundaries of their genre, offering listeners a powerful and emotionally charged experience. "Disease" not only showcases the band's technical prowess and lyrical depth but also solidifies their place as a significant force in the modern upcoming metal scene.



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