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Mellowscape Album Release Party at The Government Center

Mellowscape is an alternative/indie band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. On August 11th, they released their second full-length album titled "Killer Mode," which can be found through the links beneath this article. Mellowscape released two singles from the album prior to the release with coinciding music videos for their hits Killer Mode'' and “Doorstep Text”. To celebrate the release day, Mellowscape played a show at Pittsburgh concert hall and record store, The Government Center, with support from The Maple Waves, Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes, and Wild Blue Yonder.

Wild Blue Yonder kicked off the show with incredible energy, perfectly setting the tone for the night ahead. Their set was full of beautiful indie riffs and drum rolls, giving off a Midwest emo feeling. It was very easy to tell that everyone in the band genuinely enjoys what they do and put everything they had into their performance.

Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes was the second band of the night, sharing the same incredible energy as the previous band. They never had a dull moment throughout their set and the audience warmed up to them very quickly. Even between songs, they made sure that they had something going on to keep everyone entertained.

The final opener of the evening was The Maple Waves. What immediately engrossed my attention was one of the members expressed an immense level of talent by doing multiple things at once. While he was singing and playing guitar, he additionally played another instrument with his feet. The entire band was very entertaining and a great choice to get everyone ready for the much anticipated main act.

Finally, Mellowscape closed out the show on an incredible note. Their set was filled with songs from Killer Mode and everyone was absolutely loving it. Despite only being out since midnight, it was clear that the audience enjoyed the new music the band had to offer. Their performance had the highest amount of energy of the night and was filled with pure joy from the success of the new album.

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