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Meet Me @ The Altar Say It To Manhattan's Face at Irving Plaza

For their first-ever set of headlining shows, Meet Me @ The Atlar took over Irving Plaza in Manhattan this past Thursday for their Say It To My Face Tour. The 23-date North American run began just last Friday, January 19, in Orlando, Florida, and will be stopping through other major markets in the next few weeks — such as Boston, Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles — before closing off in Nashville, Tennessee towards the end of February. With their vibrant stage presence and dynamic crowd interactions, in coherence with their powerful vocals, catchy melodies, and lively atmosphere, Meet Me @ The Altar is leaving an impactful mark on North America as an all-female color rock trio.

Elliot Lee began the night at Irving Plaza, and although I arrived at the venue a little late, I could tell Elliot Lee had already begun to set the tone perfectly. With a fusion of pop, rock, and electronic elements, Lee creates an immersive experience for the audience that naturally makes everyone relax and begin to sway to the music. Beyond their contagious energy, Lee showcases strong vocals paired with intricate instrumentals, highlighting their skilled musicianship. If the atmospheric melodies aren't enough to draw you into Elliot Lee’s experience, witnessing their versatility and talent live while they absorb an entire stage and crowd will surely leave a lasting impression. 

Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, John Harvie came to Irving Plaza with an entirely new approach to the typical rock sound. Incorporating 808s, trap hats, and hard-hitting riffs with a windows-down type sing-along chorus’ which further makes his music accessible to a broad audience. As another powerful vocalist, Harvie’s songs address topics such as coming of age and the struggles of finding love, themes that allow Harvie’s soulful vocal capabilities to shine through emotively. This comes alive during his live performance where Harvie’s voice echoes through a room and is sung back by others. In another fashion, his discography is filled with straight party anthems that are nonetheless perfect for a filled venue on a Thursday evening. Inspired by early 2000’s rock, modern-day hip-hop, and pop, audiences can expect John Harvie to be nothing less than loud, in-your-face, and energetic. 

As the final opening act to warm up the Meet Me @ The Altar crowd, Honey Revenge surely woke the crowd up with their infectious and spunky stage presence. Consisting of guitarist Donovon Llyod and vocalist Devin Papadol, alongside on-tour bassist Tay Fischer and drummer Matt Arsenault, the musicians promise listeners a good time at their shows, encouraging a conga line in the crowd as well as first-time crowd surfers to come forward. As the frontman, Devin Papadol will remind you of Hayley Williams mixed with Avril Lavigne, her voice translating from tracks to stages seamlessly and beautifully. Devin embodies an entire stage, her energy radiating into the crowd for an overall upbeat, pop-punk performance. Donovon Llyod completes the lighthearted ambiance with his atmospheric guitar skills, while all the same dancing along and kicking inflated beach balls around the room. As an upcoming duo in the pop-punk scene, Honey Revenge is surely an artist to watch in the industry; it won’t be long before their headlining tour is announced. 

As the lights dim and the crowd’s anticipation reaches a fever pitch, the stage comes alive with energy. Meet Me @ The Altar bursts onto the stage, a trio of dynamic musicians who immediately command attention with their contagious enthusiasm and boundless charisma. 

Meet Me @ The Altar is an American pop-punk band formed in 2015 across various states. The color rock trio met on YouTube through their shared love of Paramore and Twenty One Pilots and formed while residing in three different states. In 2020, the band received a viral status, partially in part of receiving public endorsements of pop-punk veterans Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) and Dan Campbell (The Wonder Years). In 2021, the group released their major label debut, an EP entitled Modern Citizen, which arrived to widespread acclaim from both critics and fans alike. Since the EP’s release, the band has been found on tour in support of Green Day and jxdn in addition to making appearances on honorable festivals including Lollapalooza, Riot Fest, and When We Were Young. Presently, Meet Me @ The Altar is staking their claim in rock history with their debut album Past // Present // Future, out now via Fueled By Ramen, which has received millions of streams to date. 

From opening chords of their most beloved anthems to the intimate moments of vulnerability, Meet Me @ The Altar delivers a performance that is both electrifying and deeply personal. Each song is imbued with emotion, resonating with fans on a visceral level and igniting a sense of unity and connection within the crowd. Between songs, the band members excuse warmth and authenticity, sharing stories and bantering with the audience as if they were old friends. On this specific tour series, the band has also incorporated a fan-voted song into the setlist where the loudest crowd response wins between two choices. In addition to this, the band has partnered with Headcount to encourage the youth to vote. Their genuine rapport creates an atmosphere of intimacy, transforming, even an almost sold-out, venue into a space where fans feel seen, heard, and understood.

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At the forefront is the lead vocalist, whose powerful voice effortlessly captivates an audience from the very first note, adding a distinctive flair to Meet Me @ The Altar’s sound. With a voice that can soar to captivating heights or deliver raw, gritty emotion, Edith Johnson brings the music to life, especially in front of live audiences, delivering a sense of authenticity and sincerity to the band’s music. Her vocals serve as the emotional centerpiece of Meet Me @ The Altar’s songs, drawing listeners in and leaving a lasting impression with every performance. Flanking her on either side are the guitarist and drummer, their synchronized rhythms and intricate riffs driving the music forward with relentless energy. 

Téa Campbell, as the guitarist, is a vital force within the band’s dynamic lineup. With a magnetic stage presence and impressive musical talent, Campbell contributes significantly to the band’s energy. She flawlessly weaves together intricate riffs, melodic hooks, and powerful chord progressions, creating a rich and layered sonic landscape that forms the backbone of Meet Me @ The Altar’s music. Whether she’s shredding through blistering solos or providing solid rhythmic support, Campbell’s playing is always marked by precision, passion, and creativity. Beyond her instrumental skills, Campbell brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm to the stage, captivating audiences with her infectious smile and boundless charisma, infusing every performance with a sense of excitement a spontaneity. 

Ada Juarez, the drummer of Meet Me @ The Altar, is a powerhouse behind the drum kit, ingraining the band’s music with energy, precision, and flair. Her drumming style is characterized by its dynamic range, technical proficiency, and infectious groove, serving as a driving force that propels the band’s sound forward. Onstage, Juarez is a captivating presence, commanding attention with her impeccable timing, lightning-fast fills, and thunderous beats. Ada brings a palpable sense of passion and enthusiasm to every performance. Her infectious energy permeated the stage, inspiring both her bandmates and the audience alike to get lost in the music and embrace the moment. 

As the set builds to a crescendo, the stage erupts into a whirlwind of lights, colors, and frenetic energy, perfectly complementing the raw power of the music. There were even some mosh pits and crowd-surfers embracing the experience as voices united in a chorus of shouts and sing-alongs, and for a brief moment, time stands still and the world fades away.  When the final chords ring out and the last echoes of applause fade into the night, the audience is left exhilarated, energized, and hungry for me. Meet Me @ The Altar delivered a performance to Irving Plaza that transcended the ordinary, leaving an indelible mark on all who were lucky enough to be a part of the experience. 





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