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Mayday Parade Takes New York City’s Pier 17 Back 15 Years Through Music.

In honor of 20 years of Ocean Avenue, Mayday Parade embarked on a North American tour in support of Yellowcard’s recent milestone. Although the tour was intended to celebrate twenty years of the classic Yellowcard album, Mayday Parade took Pier 17 back almost twenty years through their classics such as ‘Jamie All Over’ and ‘Miserable at Best.’ Ultimately, Yellowcard couldn’t have selected a better band to instill nostalgia in the fans prior to their performance. Mayday Parade are polished musicians, fantastic entertainers, and one of the top runners from the 2000s emo phase that birthed Yellowcard. If you missed out on Mayday Parade this leg of the tour, we’re here to provide you with a recap of the best moments alongside some of our favorite photos of the night.

As the sold-out show began to fill up to capacity, Mayday Parade stepped out to welcome everyone to Pier 17 for a night full of 2000s emo rock hits. The set was full of adrenaline with lead singer Derek Sanders jumping all around the stage barefoot and guitarist Brooks Betts kicking the energy into the crowd throughout his impressive guitar riffs. All in all the members on stage were interactive, engaging the crowd song after song as anticipation grew for what was next to come. Even so, the best moment of the set consisted of only Derek Sanders and Jake Bundrick on stage alongside a classical piano, serenading the pier with ‘Miserable at Best.’ Not only is the song a personal favorite of mine, but the moment was cherished by all, intimate, and truly unforgettable when combined with the venue location. Considering Mayday Parade has been active in the industry for almost twenty years, I sincerely appreciated each member's effort to stay connected with the crowd even after all the time spent in the scene. The band knew exactly what New York needed to enjoy their Saturday evening on the Pier. The set list integrated their biggest hits with their newest releases while focusing on most of their older productions, which I found fitting for the tour the band is a part of. The set ended with ‘Jamie All Over,’ overall a fantastic choice on the band's part, practically everyone knew the song and sang along. Hearing the crowd drown out Derek during ‘Jamie All Over’ brought goosebumps over me. Everyone, including those on stage, was truly living in the moment and appreciating the music completely. Ultimately, the band's finale was a spectacular interlude into Yellowcard’s performance and really got the crowd pumped for the classics they were about to hear after. We went to Pier 17 for a New York sunset and left with the fondest memories!

If you haven’t seen the show yet, there is still a chance to catch Mayday Parade alongside Yellowcard in your city. 20 Years of Ocean Avenue has just hit the road with over twenty shows around North America scheduled. So, toss on your old emo attire and snatch some tickets to see the show before the remaining dates sell out! Keep up with Mayday Parade below and be the first to know about their own, much-anticipated, twenty-year anniversary.

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