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Mayday Parade Brings in The Holiday Spirit.

Sweet Pill

Sweet Pill is an American emo band based out of Philadelphia. The band consists of vocalist Zayna Youssef, guitarist Jayce Williams, bassist Ryan Cullen, and drummer Chris Kearney.

The band formed in 2019 with founding member Zayna Youssef, they quickly followed up with their first EP “lost in it”. Fast forward 3 years, the band announced their debut album Where The Heart Is, released through Topshelf records on May 25, 2022. Riding the high off their debut release, Sweet Pill opened up for post-hardcore La Dispute on their US and Canada tour.

This year has been a huge year for Sweet Pill. Recently this band has signed with Hopeless records and soon after released their first single under Hopeless records called “starchild”. Onto the performance, Sweet Pill came out swinging with tons of energy delivering an amazing performance. Vocalist Zayna was sick during this last show of this tour, even with her voice being hoarse, Zayna delivered a amazing performance. Guitarists Jayce and Sean showed off their skills, shredding and finger tapping through out the set. Keep an eye out through out 2024!

Origami Angel is a American rock band based out of Washington D.C. The band consists of guitarist Ryland Heagy and drummer Pat Doherty. The band started out in 2016 and has been evolving musically since.

In 2017 Origami Angel released their first EP though Chatterbot records called “Quiet Hours”, they followed up with 2018’s “Doing the most” still through Chatterbot records. During the “Doing the most” recording they found their new pop-punk heavy style that they would use through out future releases.

Due to limited finances they would release music throughout 2019 in three parts to build up buzz for their debut album “Somewhere City” basing songs off their ideal utopia and the typical negative emo lyrics you would come to know. They would also touch on pop culture from their childhood. Somewhere city would release on November 15th 2019 to critical acclaim by many music publications. They finally started to get the attention they truly deserved.

The legends themselves Mayday Parade stormed out of Tallahassee, Florida over a decade ago, practically two. They burst into the scene back in 2005 at the height of the emo and Vans Warped Tour era. The band consisted of vocalist/guitarist Jason Lancaster, guitarist Alex Garica, drummer Jake Bundrick, lead vocalist Derek Sanders, Brook Betts on guitar, and finally bassist Jeremy Lenzo. In 2006 Mayday parade released their first EP “tales told by dead friends”, shortly after the release of “tales told by dead friends” they went on tour with Plain White T’s to support their newly released EP.


The next year they started writing and recording their debut album “a lesson in romantics” which would include hits like “jamie all over" "when i get home you’re so dead” and the emo classic itself “miserable at best” They went on the 2007 Vans Warped Tour to support their newly released album. Following up with another release the year before they would hop back onto 2008’s Vans Warped Tour once again and toured with emo legends All Time Low to support their album.

As years go on they would go onto release pop-punk/emo classics such as “Anywhere but here”, ”self titled”, ”monsters in the closet" and even re-record some of their own songs in a acoustic format on Fearless records “punk goes acoustic” re-creating the classic “Three cheers for five years”. Little did they know almost 20 years later they would have been as big as a cornerstone in the emo scene. Nearly 20 years later from their first release, they still have the same energy unstoppable pop-punk/emo guitarists do, while Derek Sanders puts on a energetic vocal performance that will bring any past to present emo kid to jubilated tears at any given moment. Being almost 20 years as band they still have that unmatched raw energy that any band wishes to have this long into their career.



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