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Mammoth WVH plays an unforgettable show at the Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville, TN

Mammoth WVH and Intervals brought the Mammoth II tour to Nashville, Tennessee, on May 16.

Mammoth WVH

Intervals is an instrumental progressive metal band hailing from Toronto, Canada. The current touring band consists of Aaron Marshall and Travis LeVrier on guitars, Jacob Umansky on bass, and Nathan Bulla on drums.


The show was a special treat because Intervals' new album came out that night which was super cool! They played three songs from the new album. "Neurogenesis," "Nootropic," and "Mnemonic."

If you're a fan of instrumental grooves, I would definitely add their new album to your playlist.


Check it out here!

This isn't my first run-in with Intervals, I saw them last year with Tesseract. They are super sweet guys and care for their fans. After the set, they hung out at the merch table and greeted fans. They're super genuine and their love of the craft is infectious.


Mammoth WVH is a band formed by frontman, guitarist, and vocalist, Wolfgang Van Halen AKA Eddie Van Halen's son. The band includes Frank Sidoris and Jon Jourdan on guitar, Ronnie Ficarro on bass, and Garret Whitlock on drums.

Mammoth WVH

Mammoth WVH released their self-titled debut album in June 2021. The album features a mix of hard rock and melodic songs. This tour supported their newest album "Mammoth II," which was released in August of 2023.

Mammoth WVH

The band played a 15-song setlist with an even split of songs from both of their albums. Each song was delivered with precision and passion, showcasing Wolfgang's songwriting prowess and the band's ability to translate studio recordings into a vibrant live experience.

Mammoth WVH

Wolfgang did seem a little uncomfortable during the show but he quickly warmed up to the show. He pranked the audience by playing the first thirty seconds of Wonderwall then transitioning to a new song off "Mammoth II" titled "Distance." It got a good laugh out of me.

Mammoth WVH

The band played a two-song encore. "Another Celebration at the End of the World" is certainly my favorite song from the set. I caught myself humming along and humming it on the drive home.

Mammoth WVH

Overall, Mammoth WVH's live concert was a memorable experience that showcased the immense talent and potential of the band. They're definitely worth your time


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