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Lxandra Announces Immersive EP "Might Not Wanna Wake Up" Out November 17th

Updated: Mar 18

Announcing their new immersive EP, Might Not Wanna Wake Up, out November 17th, Finnish alternative pop artist Lxandra shares the first look at their forthcoming project with single and lyric video "Blonde". On "Blonde", Lxandra delves into the denial that comes with the early stages of heartbreak and looks back on brighter days.

Lxandra explains the new project is "a story on longing and letting go. A return to the ruins of my past and last goodbye to the one i used to be. Struggling with grief in many different ways made me want to put the EP together. I wanted to dive deep into it and create a fairytale world appreciating all the different stages".

Lxandra built this EP on the past version of themselves, capturing an intimate portrait of unfiltered humanity and follows the five stages of grief. Over the sic songs, Lxandra opens up about their experiences with pain and what it means ro make it to the other side of these challenging moments.

With a population of only 800 and being somewhat removed from the mainstream, Lxandra was given the oppurtunity to freely let their creativity flow and put their own humanity on display. "Blonde" is a perfect example of this, with Lxandra including a voice note in the background of the bridge. Lxandra says "it's very innocent but still has that dark element to it" when talk about the new track. Alongside the music, Lxandra feels that their story is best understood and expressed through visuals - which is why there will be a short film to accompany the EP.

"From the steady thump of the kick drum to the ‘70s disco strings to the mosaic of sounds, palm-muted guitars and funky synth fills, ['Sideways' is] an irresistibly alluring track beckoning you to put your worries down and get your dancing shoes on."

-American Songwriter

"Whether it be visually, or expressed through her soulful tones, you can be sure that Lxandra is aiming to tug at the heartstrings and ensure that there is a purpose for every step we find ourselves at in life."

- The Line of the Best Fit

"There's that alluring smoky Amy Winehouse style vocals, with a dash of Sia in there, too, with Lxandra driving into fresh areas of exploration."


You can check out "Blonde" lyric video here:

You can pre-order Lxandra's forthcoming EP Might Not Wanna Wake Up which is out everywhere November 17th here:

Might Not Wanna Wake Up (EP) Tracklisting:

01. Blonde

02. It’s So Quiet

03. Etude


05. Sublime

06. F2F

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