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LP Giobbi & Portugal The Man's Team-Up Record "BitterSweet" Continues to Showcase the Great Year Giobbi's had.

LP Giobbi & Portugal The Man

In June, we saw a ton of tracks released as we now dive in full force into the summer. It was the team-up track between LP Giobbi and Portugal The Man, "Bittersweet," that truly caught my eye. Giobbi and Portugal The Man collaborated to bless us with a funky, dance record that is ready for the main stage of the biggest summer festivals. With Giobbi's psychedelic bass line, and a kick drum that will keep you moving, Portugal The Man's vocals on the track hug the beat perfectly.

“I just about passed out when they asked me to remix one of their songs a couple years ago and then again when they sent me some tunes to work on, including what is now 'Bittersweet'. The vocal is one of the most attention-grabbing melodies I have heard in a long time.”- LP Giobbi

"Bittersweet" is the second track to be released on her upcoming album "Dotr," which comes out this October. Giobbi who grew up in the Northwest in the rainy state of Oregon by two "Dead Head" parents perfectly displays what growing up in the Northwest is all about. Growing up in the Northwest myself, I feel connected to Giobbi's music. It reminds me of the springs and summers growing up in the Beaver state. To say it quickly, "Bittersweet" finds a way to display the beauty of a North West Summer in her tracks.

LP Giobbi has been on a roll recently playing festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Kappa Futur, Arc Music Festival, Lost Village, Portola, Dead Ahead, and of course her "in the woods" performance with Big Gigantic at Electric Forest which went viral for it's personal and touching set. With an upcoming tour and announcements to be playing summer European festival trip playing at Saga Festival, Kappa Futur, Defected Croatia, Family, and P1k1nk just to name a few as well as joining the likes of Peggy Gou, LCD Soundsystem, and Jamie xx at Life is Beautiful. Not to mention her new tour, "Way Back Home" Tour, starts at the end of October and goes through December stopping by famous venues such as The Great Hall in New York, and The Mission Ballroom in Denver. It's safe to say that the LP Giobbi is going to "keep on truckin'" through 2024.

LP Giobbi & Portugal The Man

(Upcoming album "Dotr" album art)

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