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Looking for a new indie rock band? Then Check out "Chive"

Chive is an excellent indie rock band from the United Kingdom. Who released their latest EP 'Wet Paint' at the end of March and I'd highly recommend you give it a listen.

Wet Paint contains five songs all standing out on their own but also flowing well together if you want to listen to the EP the whole way through like I did. The EP is only 17 minutes altogether so it is very much worth listening to the whole EP all at once to get the full experience of it. "Fiona", "worrying" and "If Love Wants to Find Me" were the ones that stuck out in my head it was hard to narrow it down to just three as all five songs are terrific. What stood out to me during the EP was the rhythm, it felt unique but also familiar and nostalgic which I truly enjoyed. I found "If Love Wants to Find Me" very comforting and an exceptionally good choice to end the EP on.

If you want to know more about Chive keep on reading and I divulge all I know.

Chive is a band made up of three wonderful musicians Ben Rose, Jack Blakey and Eben James you can find the band on Instagram @chivetheband.

They are based in London but state on their Facebook that they are not from the south.

You might recognize one of the band members, Ben Rose, from the new BBC show This Town which is a tremendous silver screen success. I will do my best to refrain from spoiling but would also recommend the series for music lovers.


If you like what you hear on Wet Paint don't miss the chance to see Chive perform in person! They have upcoming shows at TROUBADOR on the 20 of April, Paper Dress Vintage 25 of April and Amersham Arms 18 of May. Keep up to date with all upcoming shows by following their Instagram and show them some love by listening to their EP.


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