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Long Island Metalcore Band 'Deadlands' Release New Single: "House of Cards"

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Photo Credits: Martin Castro

Deadlands is a Long Island, New York Metalcore band that was formed in January 2022. The band is run by frontwoman Kasey Karlsen, guitarist/producer CJ Arey (No Shade), and lastly drummer Kyle OBraitis. The band's first debut song is titled "Crushed" with over 560k streams on music platforms such as Spotify, and Apple Music and 115k streams on Youtube for their debut music video for "Crushed". Many may have heard of Karlsen from the covers she would consistently post on her social media such as Tiktok and Instagram.

On August 18th, 2023, Deadlands released a new single titled "House of Cards". The song will have a music video followed by a lyric music video. The music video for the song is directed by Blackwolf Imaging, who has been known for directing music videos for bands such as Until I Wake, Conquer Divide, and more.

House of Cards is hands down one of the best releases I've heard from Deadlands. Karlsen demonstrates her vocals with the technique of false chord screams. The catchy, memorable chorus really catches the eye of their fans. The heavy aggressive transition to the breakdown is mesmerizing and is something I wish I can do myself. Overall, the song is a banger and you should definitely stream their latest EP "Sentence of Myself" which is featured on all music streaming platforms.

Click to Watch the Music Video

"House of Cards" BTS Photo: Martin Castro

In just a few weeks, on August 26th, 2023, the band will be going on their first ever headlining tour; 'Deadman's Tour'. On each date, there will be different openers, such as 'The Phoenix Within', 'Farsight ' and more! At the end of the tour, the band will be playing at a Festival known as Blueridge Rock Festival, which features a variety of artists that fans get to vote on; bands such as Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera, Shinedown will be headlining.

Check Out the Tour Dates Below!


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