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Lola Young ends her US tour with some unforgettable sold-out shows in LA!

Lola Young

Photography & review by Kenai

The night began with a special and unique opener, Solomonophonic. AKA Jared Solomon, a music producer who has worked on music for artists such as Remi Wolf, Wallows, JAWNY, Lola Young & many more. He specializes in making funky beats that are addictive and have anyone who listens grooving along. Jared also had Josh Conway, the producer for The Marias, on stage with him as they improvised their set and had fun experimenting with sounds and catchy beats. They had everyone bouncing around within the first few minutes!

Following that amazing opener was an impactful performance by ChlotheGod, who has recently gone viral on Tiktok. She started in her bedroom and quickly gained popularity on Soundcloud. Now she's touring and playing at sold-out shows!

Chlo brought a powerful energy to the stage and easily pumped up the crowd with her unforgettable stage presence. She is definitely someone you'll want to keep an eye on. I have a feeling she's cooking up some big things in the near future and I'm excited to see it!

The openers really set the perfect mood to excite thr crowd for the main act; Lola Young.

As the band came out and the lights dimmed, a projection was started on stage. It was a GIF of Lola Young singing as she was surrounded by her friends bopping their heads. The band started playing the first few notes of "Conceited" and the crowd went wild with cheering and screaming. Lola came out about halfway through the song and finished it off as a little intro for her show.

She played some old songs that tugged at the heartstrings as well as some new songs that had everyone jumping and singing along. Her latest singles introduce us to what feels like a new version of Lola Young musically. She has everyone waiting on the edge of their seats for more!

Lola ended the show with an encore of the song that she opened with, "Conceited," and it was the perfect way to end the night after teasing us with only part of the song at the beginning of her set.

SOLOMONOPHONIC: Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud


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