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Lizzy McAlpine Announces New Third Album Alongside a New Single!

The indie folk-pop artist Lizzy McAlpine has climbed the ladder in the last four years to become a popular name in the music industry. With two fabulous studio albums under her belt, Lizzy announces her upcoming and long-awaited album, titled Older.  Along with this announcement, she released a single called Older (also the title track). The album is set to come out on April 5th, almost exactly two years after her last album came out.

Along with this photo she posted on her Instagram, she also had this to say about the album:

Her new title track, Older, is a very comforting but somber song about the difficult transition of growing up and out of youth while missing childhood and what you once had.

Follow along and listen to Lizzy McAlpine Here: Website | Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Facebook | YouTube

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