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"Live Across America '23" - Live Album Release For Young The Giant - OUT NOW

Updated: 7 days ago

Young the Giant, the beloved indie rock band hailing from California, has recently treated their fans to a spectacular live album titled Young The Giant – Live Across America '23. This incredible album comprises 18 tracks featuring raw, unbridled performances from their monumental 52-date North American tour, which included iconic venues such as the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and FivePoint Amphitheatre in their hometown of Irvine, CA. The album includes live versions of the band's previously released catalog, including their platinum hits "My Body" and "Cough Syrup," as well as "The Walk Home" from their most recent album, American Bollywood.

The band's frontman, Sameer Gadhia, expressed his excitement for the release, stating, "After 5 studio albums, we decided it was a good time to release our first live album. We take pride in our live performances and love the energetic exchange between the band and our amazing fans. Here is a collection of 18 songs recorded at different shows throughout our 2023 North American summer tour. It's a mix of all 5 records and showcases our decade+ of writing, recording, and touring together."

The 2023 North American tour was an overwhelming success, with a staggering 300k tickets sold, and the band's electrifying performances left audiences in awe. The recorded versions of these songs have over 860 million streams on Spotify alone, cementing Young the Giant's status as one of the most celebrated indie rock bands in the music industry.

"American Bollywood," the band's latest album, was released four years after their previous album, Mirror Master. The album features the studio single "The Walk Home," which soared up the charts to the top 15 on Alternative radio. American Bollywood is available on vinyl on the band's website and streaming everywhere via AWAL/Jungle Youth Records.

The band members have experienced significant life changes since their last album, with three of them becoming fathers. Sameer Gadhia, the lead singer of the band and the son of Indian immigrants, took charge of writing most of the lyrics for their new album titled "American Bollywood." The album narrates the stories of immigrants across generations, including their origins, exiles, battles, and the process of reclaiming their collective identity. "This is not just the story of an Indian-American caught in between two worlds," Sameer Gadhia previously said, "it's also our universal search to find meaning in chaos." The album is a masterpiece of storytelling and musicianship co-produced by John Hill and Young The Giant members.

The band's new live album is a must-listen for all Young the Giant fans, as it perfectly captures the electric energy and excitement of their live performances, transporting listeners to the front row of their unforgettable shows.

Track listing:

  1. American Bollywood (Live)

  2. Wake Up (Live)

  3. Something To Believe In (Live)

  4. Cough Syrup (Live)

  5. The Walk Home (Live)

  6. I Got (Live)

  7. Anagram (Live)

  8. I Bite (Live)

  9. Nothing’s Over (Live)

  10. Dollar $tore (Live)

  11. Cult of Personality (Live)

  12. Heat of the Summer (Live)

  13. Titus Was Born (Live)

  14. Mind Over Matter (Live)

  15. Firelight (Live)

  16. Superposition (Live)

  17. Tightrope (Live)

  18. My Body (Live)


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