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Last Friday, Letdown. released a double single "Anxiety/Making Miseries" via Big Loud Rock. The Song will be featured on MTV this Wednesday, January 10th.


"‘Anxiety’ is an introspective song that delves deep into my personal inner fears. It echoes a sense of unease, and the tumultuous journey through the labyrinth of my own anxieties. Painting a picture of vulnerability, the song encapsulates the essence of my inner turmoil - a cathartic exploration of the struggles I face inside myself, inviting listeners to confront their own fears. "

"‘Making Miseries’” is about the negative effect a bad relationship with someone and even yourself can have on your mental state. The song dives right in with the feeling of your whole world being upside down every way you think about it. The song is a wild ride outlining the details and truth of what we're doing to each other and ourselves and what it looks like." -Blake Coddington (vocals).

Blake Coddington

Letdown. had an impressive year in 2023, from performing at festivals such as Aftershock and Louder Than Life to having his song "Crying In The Shower" reaching top 20 at US Alternative Radio. Stream Anxiety and Making Miseries here:

Despite having started out as a pandemic project, Coddington managed to gain a profound fanbase and has even managed to headline several sold-out shows this past year. His catchy lyrics and upbeat riffs served as a cathartic way for the artist to express himself while working a job he hated. Just three years ago Coddington began posting videos on YouTube hoping for a few hundred views and now he is a renowned artist with close to 650k followers on TikTok, upwards of 25 million views on his YouTube channel, and over 80 million on demand streams.

"I always feel weird when people ask me how long I’ve been around, because I got so used to telling people that Letdown. was this new thing, but now we’re touring and we’ve got a record coming out with a label involved and all of this stuff. I know I’m not ‘seasoned’ yet, but it feels new, exciting and different.” -Coddington

“You ever listen to happy songs when you're upset or sad or depressed and they make you feel even worse? That’s what ‘Crying in the Shower’ is for me. It's like, ‘Here's a list of terrible things, set to an incredibly upbeat, happy beat’ — which is almost a metaphor for me. I’m a happy-looking guy who is quite the opposite on the inside. That song is a literal depiction of how I feel about myself. It may be a dichotomy between the actual person that I am and the person that I see in the mirror as my flaws are sometimes all I see. As I try to disassociate from the me that I hate, I also struggle with the reality that we are one and the same” -Coddington

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