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Les Savy Fav's Electrifying Release Show at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg

New York native indie rock band, "Les Savy Fav", celebrated the release of their first new album in ten years, "OUI, LSF," with a special sold-out show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 16. The concert was kicked off by a powerful performance by "Public Practice."

Public Practice

Between sets, many people in the crowd talked about how they have been fans of Les Savy Fav for over a decade and how excited they were for their set. Safe to say Les Savy Fav did not disappoint. The energy in the crowd as the band began to play their first song was filled with anticipation. Lead singer, Tim Harrington, came out on stage with rhinestones covering his face (which only lasted one song) and a neon green beard.

Les Savy Fav
Les Savy Fav

During their first song, "Legendary Tippers," Harrington brought two fans onto the stage to sing the song with him, you could tell the enthusiasm throughout the room grew. Throughout their set, Harrington engaged with the crowd unlike I had ever seen before, he even at some point dangled from the balcony. Overall, the show was an amazing moment for new and old fans to experience an unforgettable show as it was Les Savy Favs' first new release in over a decade.

Les Savy Fav


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