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Left to Suffer Unleashes "Leap of Death" Album Announcement: A Dive into the Band's Sonic Evolution

Atlanta-based nu-deathcore powerhouse Left to Suffer is back, and they're bringing an electrifying storm with their latest announcement. On Friday, August 16, the quintet is set to drop their highly anticipated full-length album, Leap of Death. This revelation comes alongside the release of a tantalizing single, "FOREVER," featuring Alejandro Aranda, accompanied by an official visualizer that immerses listeners in the band's sonic universe.

In a statement, Left to Suffer expressed their artistic journey, highlighting the evolution that has led them to this pivotal moment. They emphasized the significance of "FOREVER," describing it as the culmination of years of experimentation and risk-taking. With Aranda's exceptional talent intertwined with their own, the track promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions and genre-bending sounds, offering fans the most authentic rendition of Left to Suffer yet.

Prior to this groundbreaking announcement, the band has already made waves with their hit single "LOST IN THE DARK," featuring Marc Zelli of Paleface Swiss. The track has amassed an impressive 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone, signaling the band's unwavering momentum and growing fanbase.

Fans can get in on the action early by pre-saving Leap of Death, starting April 19. Additionally, they can dive deeper into the band's world by playing the accompanying side-scroller game, offering an immersive experience tied to the album's artwork.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Left to Suffer is gearing up to hit the road for an exhilarating North American tour, kicking off last week with Waste as support. With subsequent dates alongside Downswing and a special performance in Brooklyn, New York, supporting Slaughter to Prevail in May, fans across the continent are in for an unforgettable live experience.

And if the band's extensive touring history is any indication, these upcoming shows are guaranteed to deliver an adrenaline-fueled onslaught of heavy music and infectious energy. Left to Suffer has been a relentless force since their formation in 2019, quickly establishing themselves as trailblazers in the contemporary heavy music scene.

From their explosive debut single "Burden" to their sophomore full-length record "Feral," Left to Suffer has continuously pushed boundaries and defied expectations. Their ability to seamlessly blend elements of deathcore, nu metal, and groove metal has earned them a dedicated following and critical acclaim.

As the anticipation for Leap of Death reaches a fever pitch, fans can expect nothing short of an auditory onslaught that captures the essence of Left to Suffer's relentless spirit and uncompromising vision. With each track promising to deliver a unique sonic experience, the band is poised to solidify their place as one of the most exciting acts in heavy music today.

So mark your calendars and brace yourselves for the arrival of Leap of Death. Left to Suffer is read to unleash their latest sonic masterpiece, and the world is about t feel the full force of their unbridled creativity and raw passion. Get ready to dive headfirst into the chaos and embrace the Suffering like never before.



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