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August 25th, 2023 - Left to Suffer and Distant join together in Brooklyn for immaculate chaos at the Meadows as part of their Feral Heritage: North America Co-Headlining Tour. Supporting them was Cabal and supporting local band Black Winter. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Justice For the Damned had to drop from the bill.

Starting the night off was the local New York band Black Winter. Black Winter is a metalcore band from New York that formed in the summer of 2022 and was quickly playing shows everywhere in the NY/NJ area.

Black Winter played a short set but in that short set, they left their mark. The crowd was small but those who were there didn't hesitate to start moshing. There were cartwheels and spink kicks everywhere. Even their bassist, Jamey Hybrid, went into the pit at times and was jumping off the stage and even the bar. For a small local act, the crowd was very interactive with them and was really into their set. During the last song, the band called for everyone who was there to give it all they got, and as soon as the last breakdown hit, the whole room erupted into a pit and Hybrid, jumped on people and they carried him around the pit and threw him into the crowd.

Keep Up With Black Winter: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Next up on the chopping block was the Danish deathcore act Cabal. Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Cabal consists of Andreas Bjulver (vocals), Lui Larsen (guitar), Dennis Hursid (bass), and Nikolaj Kirk (drums). Cabal has developed a sound that’s inspired by a wide range of genres like black metal, death metal, djent, and hardcore.

Despite starting off with some minor technical difficulties, Cabal continued bringing the energy that was set for the night. At one point during the set, Bjulver called for the pit to start two-stepping and immediately everyone started to two-step which suddenly turned into everyone cartwheeling.

Keep Up With Cabal: Website | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Spotify

Next up was the Dutch powerhouse Distant. Distant, which consists of Alan Grnja (vocals), Nouri Yetgin (guitar), Elmer Maurits (bass), and Jan Mato (drums) is a brutal downtempo deathcore band from Rotterdam, Netherlands. The band brings intense and extreme brutality combining downtempo deathcore, slamming brutal death metal, and beatdown with thematic, lore-inspired lyrics to create an immersive but vicious world of heaviness. They had recently released their third album, "Heritage" on February 10th.

Distant, in my opinion, stole the whole show. With insane, flashy lights, booming sound, and low gutturals, Distant put on a performance that was unmatchable. Throughout the set, there were people doing circle pits and acrobatics, and even one person was breakdancing in the middle of the pit. I even saw someone toss a beach ball around.

During the second half of their set, they dispersed fog throughout the venue, creating a nice but intense atmosphere and it made seeing what was going on in the pit even more challenging. Despite the fog though, the pit got way more violent with people in vests that said “Mosh Pit Warrior” on it just getting in there and laying the beatdown on anyone they could find. Grnja dominated his performance with his insane range of highs and gutturals while doing it effortlessly.

The last song they played was “Heirs of Torment” and Grnja wanted everyone to go absolutely crazy for it. When the song got to the ending breakdown, the band gave it all they got with Grnja's gutturals, Yetgin and Maurits' slow downtempo guitar playing, and Mato's heavy drums to make a massive and demonic sound that riled up the crowd enough to just go all out moshing, cartwheeling and throwing spin kicks in any and all directions. Even one person stage-dived even though there weren't enough people to catch him. Distant’s set was my favorite of the night and I can’t wait to see them again.

Keep Up With Distant: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube | Spotify

Closing out the night was the one and only Left to Suffer. Left To Suffer is a deathcore band from Atlanta, Georgia formed in 2019. The band consists of Taylor Barber (vocals), Jacob Gordon (guitar), Peter Higgs (guitar), Christian Nowatzki (bass), and Alex Vavra (drums). In supporting their new album, “Feral”, which was released on May 12th, the band played the album in its entirety and three classic songs. Before the show began, Barber called for everyone to move up to the front of the stage and it instantly became packed. The band kicked off with the title track “Feral”. Barber showed extreme power and aggression in his vocal performance, mixing it with mid-range screams, cleans and low gutturals. The fans were into it and singing along to the words while the pit was two stepping the entire show.

Following the album’s performance were three old school songs, “Loathe”, “D.N.R”, and “Anger”. This was when the crowd got the most violent. During “D.N.R”, Barber reached his mic out to the crowd and everyone rushed to grab it to scream the words out. The final song of the night was “Anger” and like the name of the song, everyone got angry during it. The pit opened wide during it and it got so violent, it even went to the merch tables.

Left to Suffer has grown exponentially in recent years and it’s shown during their performance. Their show of brutality in addition to adding other elements into their sound has made them one of my favorite deathcore bands today.

Keep Up With Left To Suffer: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify

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