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"Larcenia Roe" unleashes absolute horror upon their debut show.

Larcenia Roe

On April 5 at 8:41 p.m. at "The Chapel of Bones" in their hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, Larcenia Roe made their debut. I had been waiting for this for about a month or so and when the day finally came, I packed my camera and other essentials and made my 3-hour commute to document this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I remember being on the left hand of the stage when the lights went off. They each came onto the stage and waved as the crowd cheered. As the vocalist appeared on the scene, I started to get excited and screamed with those beside me as I knew this show would be one for the books and the start of something great for this band. The stage lights started flashing and I made my way into a position to quickly capture this awesome set on my SD card.

Larcenia Roe

When I first heard of this band, the first song I ever listened to, was their latest release, "Onlooker". I personally fell in love with it; not only because it featured the amazing Yasmine from "Face Yourself" with her brutal vocals, but it also gave this energy that I absolutely adored. Pure horror and brutality. Their sound alone makes me want to dropkick someone with no regrets while making one of those stank faces you hear during a nasty breakdown.

With this band's horrifying sound and a vicious vocal range paired with the analog horror brand they're going for, I thought to myself "How is this band not bigger than it already is?" When I realized they hadn't had their debut show yet and already had 25.7k monthly listeners on Spotify, I instantly decided "This band is going to blow up. I am absolutely sure of it."


The setlist from that night goes as follows:

  1. Norse Tork

  2. Smile

  3. Unhinged

  4. Precursor

  5. Onlooker

  6. Alienation

Even though I personally enjoyed every song on their set list, my absolute favorite from the night was "Unhinged." When the song got to the breakdown, I promptly made my way to the pit and proceeded to mosh like I normally do because I really felt these lyrics speak to me, even if I could have avoided the urges, this song forces you to get involved.

Larcenia Roe

"Consume my essence in full

Don't even leave the bones

I tread this world and steal

The dangers left alone

Confide into this place

Built out of broken homes

Let go of all you cherish

Decapitate yourself"

Anyone who knows me, knows I mosh hard to the bands I love the most. Even though I have my camera on hand, I store it somewhere safe before I throw it down hard and give my all in the pit; I surely did it for these guys during "Unhinged." While it was dark, that didn't stop me from windmilling, spin-kicking, and throwing my hands around in the pit.


After the show, I sat down with Larcenia Roe to do a quick interview with them.

What are your names and what do you do in the band?

"Ryan Vail (vocals), Morgan Simons (Drums), The Onlooker (Guitar), Mike Rossi (Guitar), Rob Richmond (Bass)

How did the name Larcenia Roe come to be? What's the backstory?

"We were brainstorming on names for over a couple weeks. The name takes a play on Larceny and eggs."


"Yeah! We saw this live stream about a bird laying and egg and then after a couple weeks, the egg got attacked and it got destroyed."

Who are your inspirations for your sound?

"I'd say Suicide Silence and also Clown-core."

How did the band start?

"Henry and I (Ryan) were in the same bands for a while, and we wanted to start creating our own stuff. We felt like we had more to offer the world, so we started this band to be able to do that.

Larcenia Roe

What are your goals as musicians and as a band over the next year and there after?

The main goal is to grow a brand; that brand being analog, horror. We also want to have more than just music, we want to have content, behind the scenes, videos, etc. Most of all we want people to feel all types of emotions with our music. We want to create energy.

What has been the hardest thing so far as a band?

I'd say balancing our home lives, day jobs and this all at once.

How does it feel being a new band and already having big names featured in your songs, like Crown Magnetar or Face Yourself. What's the process like?

It feels really cool honestly! The process is just reaching out, networking, and delivering a product that makes them excited. It's all about connection really and truly.

What's your dream tour lineup?

"To The Grave" and also "Clown-core" for sure.

Are there any tips you'd like to give those just starting out as a band or wanting to start a band?

Just Write. Don't try to be like everyone else. Be okay with being fearless and showing your ideas to the world.


Larcenia Roe

In my personal opinion - what I'm predicting will happen to these guys over the next couple of years - they're going to not only embark on their first-ever full-length tours, probably with headlines coming soon, but I believe they're going to be the next big breakthrough band of the year. With that, I think they're also going to become internationally popular. It's not every day you get a band with a semi-big monthly listener count on Spotify and they've only had, now, one show.

There's no doubt in my mind here folks. With their brand of analog horror, paired with their drive, uniqueness, and pure raw talents, they're going to become a staple in the deathcore music genre and their success will be comparable to the likes of Suicide Silence, Lorna Shore, etc. If you haven't already, go give these guys a listen, a follow, and buy some merch because they absolutely deserve it!


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