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Laniidae Headlines At The Rooster

On January 20, 202, Laniidae performed at The Rooster in Gastonia, North Carolina with special guests - State of Illusion and The Dirty Low Down. The amount of support each band received from the audience through their participation in moshing and dancing; no wonder this show was SOLD OUT! First headlining show of the year for Laniidae and they performed for a sold out audience!

Opening the night was; State of Illusion with Jacob Porter (Vocals/Guitar) , Shandon Fair (Guitar) , Bryce Chism (Drums) , and Gunnar VanWingerden (Bass) The band currently has over 300 Spotify listeners and a debut album, Pluto's Ghost, released in 2021 featuring their most played single Starlight on that album

A couple days after the show, I messaged the band on IG to see what they had to say about the event; "We absolutely love The Rooster. It's one of our favorite venues to play. The Dirty Low Down tore it up and Laniidae was on another level. Everyone that showed up to support and be apart of live art gave us so much love and made us feel warm on a very cold night"

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Next up to rock out the night was North Carolina natives The Dirty Low Down from Charlotte, consisting of William Wallace (Vocals) , Quinn Chavez (Lead Guitar) , Gabe Daley (Drums) , Carlo Swepson (Rhythm Guitar) , and Tristin Woodard (Bass)

The band currently has 122 monthly listeners on Spotify with "Leveled Up" being the most played song with almost 4,000 listens! The band also released their newest album "Scenic Route" on April 7, 2023 with "Osmosis" being my favorite song off the album. If you like bands such as Paramore or My Chemical Romance, you will enjoy this band immensely. I've never seen this band perform live before yet when I got to the venue, Quinn automatically came up to me and knew who I was. He gave me such a friendly greeting and introduced me to everyone, it truly felt like I was with close-friends, reconnecting again.

This is what they had to say about the show; "We've been hearing about The Rooster for a while now. Between great reviews from showgoers and seeing our friends like Den of Wolves and Reflect//Refine on flyers for the joint, we knew we had to make our way out there. Luckily, Mike was willing to throw us a Saturday night and we booked a hell of a show.

2023 was a bit of a year of recalibration for us as a band. In late 2022, we brought on William Wallace as frontman and started a new phase of writing. Now that we've got our feet under us again with new music in tow, TDLD is leaning towards our roots a bit more and getting heavier. All of us grew up on metalcore and numetal, so it's really fulfilling to bring more of those elements into the fold. Thankfully, this connected with the crowd even more than we could've hoped. William even jumped into the crowd himself at one point to start up a pit. Not only was it our first sold out show - huge thanks to Laniidae for headlining and State of Illusion for opening - but it was also the first time we got a circle pit going! It was cold as hell that night, but seeing that really melted our little metalhead hearts. 

It's obvious to us that The Rooster is run by people who love local music and are willing to put in the work to support it. With Arielle running stuff backstage, Chris on sound, and the rest of the staff keeping the bar flowing, this was really truly one of best shows we've ever played. It's not easy running a music venue, let alone a relatively new one. The high bar they've set is recognized and appreciated. We'll definitely be back."

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Finally, one of my favorite local bands in North Carolina at the moment; Laniidae. These guys set the tone for every show they perform at. The first time I had the please to watch them perform was last year when they opened for Alesana and the next day I messaged the vocalist saying; "Man you guys set the tone for the whole show. I don't think no opening band has ever impressed me like that" and ever since then, whenever I get a chance to, I always end up traveling to photograph them! Each member of this band are one of the most genuine individuals I've ever met in the scene. For a local band, I feel like this is their year. The year where they get noticed and are able to expand their musical talents within the industry.

The band currently has almost 6,000 monthly listeners with Last Time, their newest release available since January 5, 2024, being the most played song of their discography.

I had the chance to message Laniidae and asked If they had anything to say about the show; "We're just incredibly thankful and humbled by all the support. It was a packed house from start to finish, and we couldn't be more stoked to kick off the year with such a banger"

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