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Updated: Mar 18

Lamb of God just released a new single titled, "Evidence." The band originally recorded the song during the sessions for their ninth album, "Omens," and it was released last weekend in honor of the album's one year anniversary.

Lamb of God consists of vocalist D. Randall Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, Bassist John Campbell and. percussionist Art Cruz. They are based in Richmond Virginia and have sold over 3 million albums globally, filled arenas all over the world, and amassed over 1 billion streams to date—a remarkable rarity for a group this powerful. They have also received five career GRAMMY® Award nominations. After releasing the ground-breaking New American Gospel in 2000, they followed it up with the timeless As the Palaces Burn, which Rolling Stone named one of "The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time."

“One of the more baffling aspects of modern day life is the conscious rejection of empirical facts in favor of Internet echo chamber emotional security blankets. Truth is not subjective, no matter how uncomfortable that makes some people. Art is though, so enjoy the song, however you may choose to interpret it. - Randy Blythe (vocals)

In addition to their new single, Lamb of God also released their documentary, "Making Of: Omens" to celebrate the one year anniversary of that album. It was initially released last year for a limited time along with physical CD and vinyl merch bundles. The documentary will be available HERE starting at October 7th.

Lamb of God has finished a hectic summer. They frequently played to packed amphitheaters and sheds as support for Pantera during their first headlining tour since 2001. While doing so, they simultaneously sold out locations on their own headline tour of North America.

In addition to ranking first on the Top Hard Rock Albums Chart, third on the Top Album Sales Chart, third on the Top Rock Albums Chart, and fifth on the Top Vinyl Albums Chart, 2022's Omens marks the band's sixth consecutive Top 15 debut on the Billboard 200. Not to mention, it currently has 60 million streams, which is a record.

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