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L. S. Dunes Announce "Lost Songs: Lines and Shapes" Early Raw Versions of Debut Album

Updated: Mar 18

Last year, L. S. Dunes released "Past Lives," the explosive, boundary defying, hyper-intensive work of art that was named "one of 2022's most acclaimed hard rock albums," according to Atom Splitter. To celebrate the first anniversary, the band has decided to release "Lost Songs: Lines and Shapes" this November 10th. The album features early, stripped down versions of all 11 tracks from "Past Lives." By listening to these songs in their original, raw form, listeners are able to view the album in a fresh, new perspective and see the evolution track to track.

The band also just released the offical music video for "Permanent Rebellion," one of the first singles off the new album.

L. S. Dunes is comprised of vocalist Anthony Green, guitarists Frank Iero and Travis Stever, bassist Tim Payne and Percussionist Tucker Rule. The band was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 2022 and has since then gained a massive following with almost 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

"Lines and Shapes, the newest L.S. Dunes release, is the best way we know how to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of our band's debut full-length, Past Lives. This is the blueprint to how the album came to be. The spark of each song as we started this journey to each triumphant end. Lines and Shapes will take the listener down the same path we traveled as a band. Listen in on how we created together from afar. Sending digital breadcrumbs back and forth, building foundations for what was to come in the cloud, and then finally to those structures built in their definitive form. Lines and Shapes not only celebrates the anniversary of Past Lives, but also the craft of songwriting and the many dynamics of what it means to be in a band. It is something I wish I was able to experience for every record I ever loved and wondered how it came to be." -Frank Iero (guitarist)

L.S. Dunes will accompany Pierce The Veil on the 18-date Jaws of Life Tour from November 4 through December 8, following their recent return from Chicago's RIOT FEST in mid-September and a summer headline tour that included sold-out performances in New York and Los Angeles.

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