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K-Pop boyband NCT U releases a new single

The hit Kpop boyband NCT U is back at it again with the release of their latest single “Marine Turtle”. NCT U have released their new single “Marine Turtle” featuring members KUN, XIAOJUN, RENJUN, and CHENLE. The release of their latest song marks the groups ninth song under SM Entertainments ‘NCT LAB’ project. “Marine Turtle” is a pop song that combines a synth sound with a bass, electric guitar, and vocal harmony. The single speaks about the comparison of what it’s like to move forward in life through the stark imagery of a marine turtle hatching out of its egg and heading out into the ocean. Besides CHENLE  being featured on the latest single, he also has participated in the songs composition while other NCT member, MARK, helped write the lyrics. The groups latest single has been released in both Korean and Chinese.

NCT is an acronym for ”Neo Culture Technology”. NCT made their debut in early 2016 with singles like “The 7th Sense” and “Without You”. Since the groups debut, they have received an insane amount of global success with five Top 10 hits on Billboards World Digital Song Sales chart, 3.5 million+ monthly Spotify listeners, 17.1 million+ Instagram followers and 11 million+ Twitter followers. NCT is heavily known for having a unique group concept in the K-pop industry along with dedicated fans and wow factor performances.

NCT U latest single “Marine Turtle” is now available to stream on ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more.


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