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Kill The Lights Unleash "Death Melodies" with Electrifying "From Ashes" Video

Updated: Apr 24

Kill The Lights, a band comprising former members of renowned groups such as Bullet for My Valentine, Threat Signal, Still Remains, and Throw the Fight, is set to release their second album, "Death Melodies," on March 8, 2024 via Fearless Records. The album's announcement has created a buzz in the music world, and fans eagerly anticipate the band's latest tracks.

The band has already released a music video for their new song, "From Ashes," which showcases their incredible talent and unique sound. The song perfectly blends classic '80s semi-ballad songcraft and modern sounds, making it an instant hit. The electrifying performance in the video is sure to leave you spellbound.

The lyrics of "From Ashes" describes the pain of living with a sense of guilt for letting your loved ones down. The song's lyrics are relatable, and the band has done an excellent job conveying the emotions through their music. The song perfectly exemplifies the band's unique sound, which fuses classic galloping guitar riffing with modern metal conventions.

Despite being located in different parts of the world, the band members have created a unique sound that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens to their music. Kill The Lights' music perfectly blends classic and modern sounds, making it stand out from the rest. The band's ability to fuse classic, galloping guitar riffs with modern metal conventions is remarkable, with alternately sung and screamed vocals and breakdowns that will incite pits to erupt.

The band's pedigree is impressive, with Moose co-founding multi-platinum international heavyweights Bullet For My Valentine, while Jay also played in the band. James fronted Throw The Fight, and Jordan and Travis handled guitar duties for Still Remains and Threat Signal, respectively.

Kill The Lights' debut LP, "The Sinner," was released amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic and left a lasting impression on fans. The album had many highlights, with "The Faceless" racking up over two million Spotify streams. Metal Hammer gave the album a 4-out-of-5-star rating, proclaiming, "Kill The Lights nail the groove and the glory."

Having earned millions of streams and acclaim from KERRANG! and New Noise, Kill The Lights is back with their second full-length album, "Death Melodies." The album promises to be a unique and powerful listening experience that will captivate the listener's attention from start to finish. The band's sense of unity and unwavering drive are evident in their music, making them stand out. If you're a fan of music that's not just catchy but also mind-bending and insightful, this album is an absolute must-listen! Trust me, you won't regret giving it a spin.


"Die Alone"


"From Ashes"

"Wasting Away"

"Man Without A Face"

"Ghost Of Yesterday"

"Sleep With The Devil"



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