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Kill The Lights Share Video for New Single "Scapegoat"

Updated: Mar 21

Stream here

KILL THE LIGHTS SHARE A VIDEO FOR their NEW SINGLE "SCAPEGOAT." Kill The Lights, which features former members of Bullet for My Valentine, Throw the Fight, Threat Signal, and Still Remains, has dropped the video for its new single "Scapegoat."

It follows "Hear You Scream," which dropped in the summer. Watch the video

Classic and modern metal styles collide "Scapegoat." The band storms out of the gates from the opening note, while galloping, noodly riffs kick the song into high gear, with the lyrics delivered in a savage, hell-bound style. Guttural roars give way to an utterly pretty clean and melodic style with seamless ease, and it effectively shows just how brutal Kill The Lights are. "Scapegoat" is utterly mosh-tastic!

"'Scapegoat' discusses the feeling of being trapped in your own head, believing that there is no escape or place that you can turn to for help," the band explains. "The constant cycles of self-doubt, anger, and depression eat away at your confidence and willingness to make changes. It's like you're setting yourself up to fail — always choosing the path with the most negative outcomes or most toxic situations."

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