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Judas Priest Release New Single, "Panic Attack"

Updated: Mar 21

On Friday October 13, Judas released "Panic Attack," a song off their upcoming album, "Invincible Shields." The band revealed the new album in front of a hundred thousand elated fans. The album is set for release March 8th, 2024.

Judas Priest is comprised of lead singer Rob Halford, guitarist Glenn Tipton, guitarist Richie Faulkner, bassist Ian Hill and percussionist Travis Scott. Formed in 1969, the band has since sold over 50 million albums worldwide and headlined some of the worlds biggest studios. The band's powerfully distinctive personality, which has defined them and impacted subsequent generations of metal bands around the world, evolved together with their music and live performances. Judas Priest's notoriety has continued to spread with each passing year; in 2022, they were admitted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and finished a sold-out, rescheduled global tour in commemoration of their 50th anniversary. Judas Priest is still one of the most popular and talented bands in the world.

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