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Jewel Announces 2nd Annual #NotAloneChallenge

Updated: 7 days ago

Presented by Foundation Reserce ansd in partnership with iHeartRadio, Jewel announces the second annual #NotAloneChallenge. Reminding people that they are not alone during the holiday season and offering mental health tools is the mission of the #NotAloneChallenge. You can find all the resources including the free tool kit and auction to raise funds for non-profit mental health programming at

Funds raised from the #NotAloneChallenge will make free online tools and in-person programs more readily available, provide wellness resources to people in need, help develop more advanced mental health care opportunities virtually, and scale the Inspiring Children Foundation’s best-in-class, innovative mental health curriculum. The youth mental health curriculum is delivered through the children’s passions, around academics, project-driven learning, leadership development, community, sports (tennis and pickleball), mentoring, mental health counseling, entrepreneurial skills, and more.

Jewel also serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Innerworld, an innovative virtual mental health platform that recently received a $2 million grant from the National Institute of Mental Health. Innerworld provides around-the-clock access to anonymous peer-to-peer support led by guides trained in Cognitive Behavioral Immersion (CBI), a form of psychological intervention that has been demonstrated to be effective for depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder. Innerworld will offer a free, one-year premium membership to everyone who participates in the #NotAloneChallenge as part of their continued efforts to mitigate our global mental health crisis. Innerworld will also offer a free, lifetime premium membership to teens (under 18) who participate in the challenge.

Later this month, Jewel will also be releasing a deluxe 20th-anniversary edition of her second album ever, Spirit. Set for release on November 17th, Spirit will include fan favorites such as "Hands", "Down So Long", and "Jupiter (Swallow the Moon)", plus 23 bonus tracks. A portion of the proceeds from album sales will go towards the #NotAloneChallenge.

You can pre-order/pre-save Spirit here

For more information on the Inspiring Children Foundation please visit

For mental health resources and to bid on the auction, please visit



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